Monday, May 22, 2006

We Jinxed The Spurs!

Parker, Duncan, & Ginobili
Greg and Angie
Greg making some NOISE!
Tim Duncan after the game.
Tony Parker after the game.

David Robinson(former Spurs player)

Tonight Greg and I were given tickets to the Spurs vs Mavericks game 7 by the team doctor for the Spurs. I didn't know, but Greg had asked him for tickets for game 5 which was on my birthday but someone had already claimed those. He told Greg if there was a game 7 the tickets were his. I was so excited to go but, nervous at the same time. I can hardly stand the nervousness and stress of these games.
The Spurs didn't look to great in the first half and were down by 20 points at one time. At half time Dr. Schmidt came and told us Greg needed to leave because every time he goes to a game the Spurs play like crap(but he used a different word). He was only kidding and said he was glad we were there and enjoying the game. He felt confident, as did we, that if they played hard and the fans didn't give up on them we could win. They came back and almost won but the Mavs tied it up with only a few seconds left. Overtime was too much time for the Mavs and they just continued to dominate shooting. The Spurs lost 119-111(I think, I actually forgot to look at the score before we left.)
Now we have to wait until next season to see if they can pull off one more championship while we are still in town. Hopefully they can. GO SPURS GO!


Bridget said...

I soooo wish I could have been at the game. What a heartbreaker!! At least you looked cute in your black and white. See you soon!

Angie said...

Such a heartbreaker! Greg and I kept saying "IF Duncan wouldn't have missed his first four free throws", "If the refs would have called this or that foul", "If Manu would have made the layup at the end before the OT" So many "IF'S" and not enough points. It is hard to believe it is over for them this year. It is like it is part of who we are and what we do. We plan our lives around the Spurs in the playoffs and now we don't have to. So sad.
What time are you coming in? And are we still up for Chuy's on Thursday? and what time?

Bridget said...

I get in Wed night about 5:30. We were thinking Chuy's around 7, but havent decided yet. It depends on whether I think Alex will let Steve put her to bed. I am so glad you are coming. I will call tomorrow night.

Jenny said...

I am so jealous that you got to go! I will have to tell doug that he needs to hit Schmidt up more often since I have only been to one spurs game!

becki said...

You looked cute-that's all that really matters! ha ha ha love-b