Friday, April 20, 2007

Rodeo, Ribbons, & Roots


Today the girls had their bike rodeo at school. If any of you are unfamiliar with this, it isn't what it sounds like it would be. The first time I heard about this I thought it was contest to decorate your bike and then have some sort of parade. It turns out a bike rodeo is about safety. The kids bring their bikes to school and a police officer inspects it to see if it passes street regulations. Then they have several safety courses to ride on. First, they have to perform a balance test while riding. Then they have to ride between two, 8 inch parallel lines without crossing over them. They then have to ride in a cirlce without crossing over the lines. Last, they have to weave in and out of a cone obastacle course without touching any of the cones. It sounds like it would be easy, but in reality it is pretty difficult.

All of the kids did a great job. Greg and I were both proud of Mackenzi and Maci and how they performed.
As I was sitting here uploading pictures from this morning, the girls came bounding in the house. Both of them sporting 1st place ribbons(medals). Maci got 1st in Kinder girls, and Mackenzi was the 1st place girl for 4th graders. It was so fun to see them and how proud they were of their accomplishments. They now are entered into the city wide bike rodeo that will be held in May. Way to go girls!!

After my $100 virtual shopping spree post, I was so excited to get rid of my terrible roots. I last got my hair done the first week of December, and even then, I only go the crown of my head highlighted. I was in desperate need of a root cover-up and now can smile a lot easier knowing my hair looks like I take care of it. I for sure feel like a new woman, and only wish our babysitter wasn't busy tonight, so Greg and I could go out. It always feels so great for someone to take the time and blow dry every wave out of my hair so perfectly. It makes me want to go somewhere special.

Today I'm grateful for Sara(the girl who does my hair), who is 7 months pregnant. I know it must be a challenge to stand on her feet for 3 hours straight doing my hair. I'm also grateful for Greg, for working so hard and doing extra shifts so that I can have these extras in my life. Thanks honey, for your sacrifice, patience, and support. You are wonderful.


Jenny said...

Double hurray for ribbons and roots. Your hair looks great. I can't wait till next week!!

carlo said...

your hair looks awesome! get those girls to bed early and have date night at home! :)

the girls look so proud! i am glad you explained bike rodeo!! sounds very useful

andrea said...

Congrats to your girls for their ribbons! Woo Hoo.

I can so relate to the roots. I have dark hair that is very gray underneath and I'm in desparate need of color and highlights. It's been since January for me which is about 2 months too long. My appointment is Monday morning and I'm sure I'll be doing a similar post.

donna said...

You hair looks GOOD!!!!! I need my done so bad.

Great pictures of you kids.
Have a great week :)

Mandy said...

your hair looks so pretty! Great pictures of the day!

michelle said...

Yea! for getting your hair done. I know when I get mine done I feel worlds better. Ya for the ribbons! :)

becca said...

Your hair looks fantastic!!
There is NOTHING like a good "blow out" (I have naturally wavy hair too and I can never get all the curl out without using a flat iron, so I love a professional blow dry!)

Your girls are so cute. We had something like that when I was in elementary school safety or something. They even gave us littel bike "drivers licenses". So fun for your girls!

Lucy said...

Great hairs! I went blonder than I usually do and have noticed, unfortunately, more obvious roots. That just doens't mesh with my budget of only going once every three or four months!

congrats to your two cuties on their ribbons.

Kari said...

The hair looks so great! I love they way mine looks when it's all done. I have my husband do mine. I used to go in and have it done but we moved and I went in to a new place and they did a horrible job.

Out of desperation I tried a couple of different things to "fix" it and stumbled acrossed L'Oreal Hair Coleur Experte and ever since then I've been hooked. I think I use the 8.2 color.

Barb said...

The bike parade looks like fun, and the kids look so proud!