Monday, April 23, 2007

Weekend Happenings

A quick glance at our weekend happenings.

Greg has the day off on Friday, so after the bike rodeo, and getting my hair done we headed out to the mall and dinner as a family. The girls had gotten gift cards from Claire's for Easter, from their Nana & Papa, and had been dying to use them. I took them shopping while Greg occupied Maryn, and did a little shopping on his own. Mackenzi & Maci had a hard time deciding what to get, even so much that Mackenzi bought something and then exchanged it for a watch within just a few minutes. Maci got a pair of Hollywood sunglasses and a pink hair thingy. They were surely in their element, and are already asking to go back to spend the leftover money.

Reagan and Mackenzi

Mackenzi had a swim meet, early Saturday morning. We left our house before 7 a.m. and headed downtown to the Nadatorium that the meet was at. She was entered in 3 events. The 50 yard freestyle, the 50 yard backstroke, and the 50 butterfly. She got 1st in all of her heats, but when the results came out in age groups, she got 1st in the freestyle, and 2nd in both backstroke and butterfly. We are so proud of her and her desire to do her best. Great job Kenz!

Mackenzi & Mom

Greg was on trauma call on Saturday, but was lucky enough to get away to watch part of Mackenzi's swim meet. He then went back in to work but was again not too busy that hw could escape so we could attend the Alamo Orthopedic Society dinner. They have this every two years and is becoming more and more of a reunion for the people who trained here in San Antonio. We took the girls with us and they had a room set up at the Resort for allof the kids. They fed them and played games. The girls had a blast but all fell asleep on the way home.

The girls at our table: Joanna, Tracy, Katrin, Melanie, & Me

It was fun to see past residents and their wives and to get advice on practices and what not. It is to great to get together with the residents that are still here now and their wives. It is always nice to see and talk with some of the staff we hear so much about. Being the spouse, you always here stories about them but rarely see them in person, so it is always fun to put a face with the story. We had a great time chatting, catching up, and listening to the stories that we have heard over and over again. I hadn't laughed so hard in a long while. It is so funny to hear so many people tell the same stories that have been circulating year after year. I am already excited for the next meeting and reunion that will be in 2009. Hopefully more people will come each time. (Hint, Hint- Bridget & Jim!!)

Most of the residents & past residents and Dr. Corley.

Amanda sent me this very cute fairy poem. Thanks Amanda for thinking of me. Anna, also thought of me when she was sending out good mail. She sent me the cutest hnadmade card, and A note pad, the letters A and G for me to use any way I choose, sunflower seeds, a mini scrapbook, ribbon, and the new pomegrante fragrance from Bath and Bodyworks. Thanks bunches Anna.


Kristy said...

What a great idea to give girls the age of your daughters gift certificates to Claire's. I can only imagine how much they loved it and how hard it was for them to choose something. It looks like you guys had a really fun weekend!

becca said...

What a great weekend! What a good idea to give Clair's gift certificates...that is every little girls dream store and I know how excited I would have been as a little girl to get to shop there!

donna said...

My daughter Emily loves Claires.
What a fun and busy weekend you had. Way to go Mackenzi. You did a great job :)

Have a wonderful day.

Janet said...

Good Job Mackenzie! What an awesome job she did at her swim meet!!! I used to love Claire's when I was younger-what a fun place for them to get to pick out stuff! Cute pictures:)

Jenny said...

Woo hoo Mackenzi. There team suits are actually pretty cute! I wish we could have gone to the OrRtho society after hearing how many of the older guys were there. Oh, well maybe in 2009 for Dr. Rockwoods big 80th!

Is it me or does Ian look majorly drunk?

Angie said...

The pictures turned out terrible because of all the glass and miorror on the table. Ian does look a little wasted, but I don't think he drank anything. I think after his illness he had to change a few things, but I'm not sure.

Amberly said...

Your hair looks great! So glad you made good on the SPT challenge!