Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Angie in 3's

My 3 beautiful girls and I

I was inspired by several of you to do my life in three's. Some of these you may or may not know about me. See if I surprise you with any of the 3's in my life.

3 things I LOVE
~Greg coming home after being gone (work, trip, etc.)
~hearing my girls' laughter
~The Temple

3 things I MISS
~my family
~having a baby around our house
~feeling like I'm young (I'm approaching middle age and I don't like it)

3 things I LIKE
~to exercise (notice this didn't make my LOVE list)
~the combination of newly shaved legs and clean sheets

3 things I HATE
~being sad
~getting upset or frustrated at little things
~feeling rushed

3 people who make me LAUGH
~my brother Art
~my sister in-law Tori

3 things that SCARE me
~losing someone I love
~noises at night when I'm home alone
~getting into a terrible car accident

3 things on my desk
~cluttered papers

3 things I want to do in my life
~make a positive influence in someone's life
~overcome my shyness
~go on a church mission with Greg

3 things I CAN do
~ have girls!! ha ha
~ slalom water ski
~ cook

3 things I CAN'T do
~ have boys!! ha ha
~ keep an immaculate house ALWAYS
~ watch a sad movie without crying

3 things I would like to Learn
~ professional photography
~ interior decorating
~ to clean and organize better

3 things I Regret
~ not earning a college degree
~ not continuing to play the piano(I forgot how)
~ not keeping in contact with old friends

3 of my Favorite Foods
~ Chuy's chicken burrito
~ homemade chili
~ M&M's

3 T.V. shows I liked as a kid
~ Growing Pains
~ Captain Kangaroo
~ Dukes of Hazzard

Was there anything that surprised you? Will you let us know the 3's in your life?


Kari said...

You and I do have a lot in common. Yeah, I loved Kirk Cameron when I was a girl too!! And I almost put homemade chili on my favorite foods list too!!

And I like how you placed exercise in the "I Like" category. I think that's where I would place it too. Though right now I'm in the groove, I tend to go in and out of my groove too easily.

And I have 3 girls too. I just also have 3 boys to go along with them. I LOVED reading your list!!

Kari said...

OOPS! I don't have 3 boys, just 2!!

carlo said...

oh i want to do this 3 list after seeing them pop up all over. so much fun to read what others have written.

i am so with you on the "scare me" things!

Jenny said...

Is it snotty to say I knew them all?? Tori is pretty dang funny! Tell me who can keep an immaculate house?? Not I!! Fun list I am glad you did it.

Jill said...

This is a fun list. You know the gender of the babies was determined by Greg right? You did your job just right, ha.

Lucy said...

Very fun. Love all of your threes.

Price Cream Parlor said...

Great list - love the photo! I miss the bluebonnets!

donna said...

I also love Kirk Cameron. I had his pictures all over my bedroom :) I also love to exercise. I always feel so good afterwards.

Anna said...

The clean sheets/shaved legs combo is something I hadn't thought about, but you are right...that is a great combo!

Stephanie said...

Love it!! I enjoy learning new bits about everyone. I could relate to many of yours. I forgot about Growing Pains. I loved Kirk Cameron. :D SO funny to think back. Enjoy your day!

becca said...

Great list. I love reading these and learning things about people! Your girls are beautiful!

Amie said...

I really like these lists. I loved Growing Pains, I feel like I am saying this about everyone's shows, I must have watched a lot of tv!

Really cute picture of you and your girls.

I don't want to be middle aged either.

Bridget said...

Growing Pains- love it! And of course the chicken burrito.

The picture of you and your girls is great!

Have a wonderful weekend.