Thursday, December 07, 2006


After a rough weekend, this past weekend, I was given a few surprises.

I had watched one of my VTees kids and when she came to get them I was a bit taken back to open the door and find a beautiful poinsetta, Celine's CHristmas CD, and a sweet card left on my doorstep by my sweet husband. Tears welled in my eyes and how lucky and blessed I am to have such a thoughtful man in my life. Thanks babe for making my day!

I told the girl that was picking up my kids that I figured it was from Greg and felt terrible when she said maybe I should hint to her hubby about giving her flowers someday. She said she hadn't gotten flowers from him since they got married almost eight years ago. I didn't know what to say and told her for sure I would be dropping little hints to him so be on the lookout for surprises. Hopefully he will surprise her one day soon.

Then a little while later Jenny brought over some yummy cheese and potato soup,bread, pretty pink roses, and a card. Thanks Jenny for always knowing just what I need when I'm feeling down and blue. You are the greatest!

On my way out to take Maci to dance I stopped to check the mail and was totally surprised to find a package from Natasha from Louisiana. At first I thought it was my pink Christmas gift, but when I opened it, it was jsut a fun good mail delivery. She sent me candy, a cute stamp, some scrapbook embellishments, darling ribbon, a very cute card her daughter designed, and a cute picture of her kids. I have never met Natasha and don't even think she has commented on my blog, but I was so happy to get something so sweet from her. Thanks a ton, Natasha.


Natasha said...

Glad you were surprised by the Good Mail, Angie. I love the idea of doing something nice and unexpected for others. This is a wonderful network of friends that you have in this blogging community. I hope things are looking up for you after a rough few days!

Jill said...

Greg is so sweet to you, I seriously wish all the husbands would check in on your blog and get inspired. I get flowers on our anniversary sometimes, but rarely any other time. It makes me want to sing "You don't bring me flowers, you don't sing me love songs" but I won't.

Jenny said...

I love that Greg is showering you with special things when needed most. I am still laughing at the HUGE bag of M&M's he left when he went to Maine this past June.

pam said...

Isn't it amazing how the little things in life can make the biggest difference. Greg is definately a keeper.

I hope that your blues are coming to an end.

Syd said...

Hey Angie, I got my Pink Christmas gift in the mail. I can't wait to open it. You wrapped it so cute too. I am the worlds worst wrapper!! Thank You!! Oh, I was browsing your blog and I saw your post about Sweetest Day. It is a full-on actual holiday here in Michigan. We thought it was a little weird when we first moved here, but I loved it this year when I got flowers for it. All the reader boards of local restraunts will advertise it, and there are displays like for Valentines day in the stores. So, now you know someone who actually has celebrated it. :)
Can't wait until Christmas!! Hugs and Happy Holidays!!

Angie said...

YEA!! Sydney got her pink Christmas gift. I was begininng to get nervous that it was lost in the mail system somewhere.

Happy Holidays & NO PEEKING!!!!!