Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Same Look, New Me!

Yesterday I was able to get my hair highlighted and trimmed. It does, of course, look the same but man do I feel like a new me after having it done. There is just something about having my roots touched up and the split ends taken away that makes me feel like a refreshed, happy girl.

Jenny was nice enough to take Maryn right after our walk so I could shower really quick and make it to Sara's in only about 15 minutes. Thanks goodness Sara lives in the next neighborhood over. My hair usually takes about 3 hours to do but I opted just to get the crown done this time so I was done in about 2 hours. I hadn't looked at the clock while I was there but whenever I got in my car and saw it was only 11:10 I was a little excited thinking of the possibility of making it to Chuy's before the lunch rush. Well, when I pulled into Jenny's driveway I rememberd Doug was post call and he had already made it home. I then realized my hopes of making it to Chuy's were slim, since the cold weather the night before, was a huge help to Doug getting to sleep all night. He was ready to hit the road, and was taking Jenny to lunch at Chuy's since her camera had broken. I was a little disappointed, but thought I would make Greg take me & the girls for dinner. We had planned on taking the girls shopping for each others gifts when he got home from work so we could just stop and grab a quick bite at Chuy's.

By the time I picked Mackenzi & Taylor up from activity days and met up with Jenny & Doug, and by the time Maci had picked out the perfect gifts for Mackenzi & Maryn at Target it was getting late. Not to mention Chuy's is a little bit of a drive and at 630 pm there would have been a wait to eat. We went to another mexican place, Salsalito's, before Mackenzi and I were off ot swim. Greg brought Maci & Maryn home and had them in bed when I got home. That was a nice treat to come home to.

So having my hair done today made for a better day than I had been having the few days before, even if no one noticed, not even Greg!!


Jenny said...

I can't believe your OWN husband didn't notice. I think it looks good and am so jealous of your upcoming weekend. Have so much fun!

pam said...

Your hair looks darling. It is amazing what a hair cut and color can do for your morale. I can't wait to come and visit and try Chuy's, y'all make it sound so good and mouth watering.

sista # 2 said...

I'm with ya! Got my hair highlighted yesterday!(un-noticed) I wait a few days, then will say to hubby, 'Hey doesn't my hair look GOOD!'hahaha I think it's sooo funny. Then of course he'll say, ya hon, it always looks good! (HA,good save!)-ciao

Jill said...

I need to go get my hair done too. I hate having regrowth, and love how I feel after I get my hair done.

Dana said...

You new do looks really great Angie :)