Monday, December 11, 2006

Mom & Daughter Weekend

This past weekend was the beginning of a new tradition my Mom wants to have. She has been saying she wanted me, my sister Allison, my sister in law Jessica, & herself to start an annual getaway shopping weekend.

We decided to make our first trip to Frisco, which is North of Dallas, since we planned it over Thanksgiving weekend and it was kind of last minute. I flew out of San Antonio, and they drove to Houston and flew o Dallas from there. We all arrived about the same time(830 a.m.) picked out our rental car and began our two and a half day shopping excursion. We literally shopped until we dropped on Friday. The three of them had been upa nd awake since before 3 am and I got up about 430 am, so after flying, driving, shopping, shopping, & more shopping we were beat. We ate dinner at a Uncle Julios, which was a mexican restraunt that someone recommended to Jess, and then stopped at Wal MArt & Target before crashing at 10 pm.

I set my alarm for 7:30, knowing how dark hotel rooms are and with no kids to wake me, I wouldn't have just woken on my own. I went to the workout room & ran on the treadmill to offset some of the terrible eating I was doing. They all gave me a hard time about not taking the weekend off from exercising, but after I at least walk 6 days a week and soemtimes add a few gym workouts to that, my body doesn't know how to react to not doing anything. Hopefully iut paid off and I didn't gain any weight.

We shopped most of the day on Saturday, one of the highlights being a two hour visit to IKEA. We have been to the IKEA in Houston many times, but there is something about walking around a HUGE brand new store that it mesmorizing. We made record number of visits to Target in a two day period. We were in search of a few things that needed to be in different sizes, colors, etc. so that led us to 4 different Targets about seven times. YEP I said "7"!! We definitely love Target in our family.

It was a fun weekend with many laughs, a few tears, hugs, kisses, & great memories that will last forever. Thanks for a fun weekend, y'all. I love you all so much.

Where are we headed next year? New York, California, Mall of America...?


jess said...

you beat me!!! lol i have taken the week to recover and have not sat dwon to finish the blog i started. i did have a wonderful weekend.

jess :-P

Angela said...

How fun!

And, I totally understand about Target. Could it be any cooler?

Anna said...

I love those weekends! I have 4 sisters and 2 sis-in-laws, plus my mom...we all get together for a long 3 day weekend once a year. We usually go to my sister's house in AZ during the winter to enjoy the warmth. We just veg, watch movies, lay by the pool, and have one night out on the town. It is so fun. We are doing it again in February...can't wait!
Also, isn't IKEA just the best! Seriously. I love it. Ours is an hour away, but we go there about every other it!
My vote for your next shopping weekend is Mall of America...then, I'll come join in since I'm an hour away! It is an amazing place...everyone should experience it once. Glad you had such a good, how did you get all that stuff home?!?

Jenny said...

That's a lot of loot you guys got. So glad you got to go and jealous all at once.

Jill said...

I want to know how much you spent?? Were those bags all of yours or the combination of everyone?? What a fun new tradition to start. How did you get all of that stuff back home with you? said...

Fun! Fun! We have a girls trip every year. We went to Nashville this past time and had a blast. We went and saw the Rockettes and it was amazing.. we have been thinking about a TX trip so this might be a good suggestion :o)

PS.. we are a Target family too!!

Angie said...

Sadly, I don't know how much I spent but my Mom did buy a lot of the stuff. The bags are not all mine, they were everyones.

To get all of this loot home, we all packed a small piece of luggage and put it into a much bigger empy one to get there. Then on the way home we just checked the two pieces of luggage instead of the one. It still wuite a challenge to get it all to fit, and packed so some things wouldn't get broken. But it all made it home safe and sound.

grammy said...

I had a ball, glad we could all get away together.. remember your promises.. when I get old and senile. or a little older and more senile.. put me in a nursing home .. and pull the plug..You all promised. and now its in you bunches and bunches..