Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Good mail

Jenny brought by a stash of candy and a sweet card before I left for my getaway weekend. A girl can never carry enough candy with her, right? It helped me while shopping and my sugar was running low. It definitely gave me an energy boost. Thanks Jen for the treats.

I have gotten a few pieces of good mail recently and have needed to post about them. Amie's kids, Jessica & james sent my girls the cutest letter about running errands and shopping with me. They always stop at Wendy's for a Frosty treat when they are out and aobut with their Mom and thought they would enjoy free frosties. We love frosties and will be using these soon! Thanks a bunch Jessica & James & Amie.

Jill sent a lot of her blogging friends the sweetest note and ornament. Mine says HOPE!! How did Jill know this is one of my most favorite words, especially lately. Jill you are the best and I feel so blessed to be connected with you.

Another good mail delivery from Jenny! The girl doesn't stop. I will never catch up to everything she has given me. I will be planning on taking her something and all of a sudden she is standing on my doorstep with a card, flowers, a treat, a Sonic Diet Coke, clothes...I don't even get the chance to pay it forward with her. She is too quick on giving!! She brought me a black shade shirt. For some reason I haven't gotten one and didn't realize it until recently. She also gave me coupons for Shakes and a gift card to Sonic. I'm literally being spoiled everyday by goodies from her and she just called to tell me she is on her way home from Chuy's with some creamy jalepeno dip and chips for me. I'm totally sploiled, what can I say, or maybe she is trying to convinv=ce us to take a job here in San Antonio so we will not have to say our goodbye's for another year and a half, instead of this coming summer.

I am beginning to think someone has sold my personal information to all of the catalog & magazine companies. The past few weeks have been crazy with mail. I am giddy each day when I check the mail anticipating Christmas cards and I open my mailbox to find at least 3 catalogs, magazines, etc. waiting for me. Little do the people sending me these know, is I am so swamped with my everyday duties, Christmas shopping, crafts, cards, school parties, & anything else I'm leaving out, that I have no time to sit and look at these. I've browsed a few of them and then they find a home sitting on the table or kitchen counter for several days. In all honesty I should just not even think I may get a chance to look at them and helo them find a new home, in my trash can.

*Are you getting many Christmas Cards or are the catalogs and magazines taking over the mail system? Do you love chocolate & treats as much as I do?*


Jill said...

All of that good mail is such a happy sight! I'm so glad you liked the ornament I sent you, I had no idea Hope was one of your favorite words, hooray!

It's so sweet that Jenny keeps you loaded with express good mail deliveries. She knows what you need and is able to deliver in a timely manner. That's an excellent quality in a friend.

I love Peanut Butter M&Ms and milk chocolate in general so I can totally relate to having a stash around.

Anna said...

I just toss the catalogs this time of year...cause I know I'm going to get another catalog from them in the next month or so...and like you, I don't have time right now to sit and look or money to buy! :)If I don't toss them they just end up sitting on my counter cluttering up my I started tossing them with no guilt!

Bridget said...

I too get way too many catalogs. One day I counted 12. That's insane! Thank goodness we have a recycling bin or my trash would be overflowing.

Kristi Brooke said...

love the christmas cards and love the catalogs too.
just wish my christmas cards were filling up someones mailbox

Jenny said...

i haven't gotten too many catalogs, so maybe I should take some from you. I love my ornament from Jill as well.

Now I am feeling totally guilty that I haven't sent out any good mail lately. I think it's going to have to be New Year good mail from me.

Glad you liked all the treats. You are ALWAYS doing something for me. So don't be kidding anyone you don't do anything for me :)