Thursday, December 14, 2006

Four Eyed Monster

I'm not making fun of people that wear glasses. I'm only referring to what Mackenzi said when she found out, about a month ago, that she would need to see an eye doctor and possibly get glasses. Her actual statement was, NO! (with her hands over her eyes)I'm going to be a FOUR EYED MONSTER!! I have no idea where she came up with that description, not to mention she has never, ever called Greg or I that when we sport our frames at night. I immediately reassured her that we would find the cutest frames we could find and she would then look as smart as she actually is.

I'm sure all of our girls will be sporting some sort of corrective lenses at some point, since I started wearing glasses in 2nd grade when I was 7, and Greg got them when he was 8. They don't stand a chance, right? For sure we will try our best to choose the cutest most stylish frames and stay away from the Superwoman sketching on the lenses with rose tint that I wore. What was my Mom thinking?

Last Monday, Mackenzi & Maci both had appointments with the eye doctor. This one being the second trip, the first one we sat and waited for an hour and were sent home because of some sort of insurance screw-up!! They both got their eyes examined and dilated and goofy me had my camera in my purse and FORGOT to take a picture. I did take their picture in their very stylish plastic frames to protect their eyes from the sun.

We found out Maci will just need to go back next year and see if she will need glasses then, but Mackenzi definitely wasn't seeing well. We looked at frames their at the doctors office, really only to flatter them, knowing we would shop around to find the cutest and of course best deal we could.

After looking at many, many frames, we opted to get two pair at eyemaster for the price we would have paid for one pair at another place. Mackenzi is definitely my daughter, because she had a terrible time choosing which glasses to get. She decided on a cute purple wire frame (sorry Poppy,we know how you "LOVE" purple) but she does look really cute in them.

She also chose a plastic black pair. She looks really cute and all grown up in these. She was so funny the first few times she would take them off and put them back on agian. One of her comparisons were without out them it was "dusty" and with them it looked "clean". Well, hopefully that means when she has her glasses on, our house will always look clean. In that case, I for sure will be making her wear them all of the time! hehehe!!

She is definitely a far cry from a four eyed monster. She looks just as beautiful with them as she did before. She does look a little more grownup with them which I'm not crazy about. We love you "Kenz"!!


Jenny said...

I think she looks adorable. As for my kids, they are doomed as well. It's just a matter of time.

jess said...

i think they are great, very cute. it takes some time getting used to them but its funny how improved everything is after. caleb made comments about the birds flying in the sky . . .lol


Angela said...

She looks so sophisticated...and beautiful, but that goes without saying! Your girls are gorgeous!

Please, please, scan and post a photo of you in your superwoman glasses. I beg you!

Ashley said...

I bet Mackenzi never knew how beautiful she actually she can see herself the way we all see her...beautiful on the inside and out! I think those glasses are perfect! She looks great. I am pretty jealous about your superwoman glasses though, Angie. I must have missed those, but luckily that means you also missed mine...brown frames with a little horse etched on the front! I think we may have had a tie!

Jill said...

She looks cute in those glasses!

Nana said...

I LOVE the glasses. I got my first pair at nine years old too. A whole new world opened up for me. You are right Mackenzi, things are quite "dusty" without the glasses. I'm not sure I can even see the dust anymore without mine. Now not only are you absolutely a most beautiful, smart, athletic girl, you look the part. Glasses always make you look so smart. They are darling. You go girl...Nana loves purple, so does your daddy. Love you and Merry Christmas!!!!

Mimi said...

Apparently MacKenzi comes from a long line of glasses wearing folks on both sides of her family. I got my first glasses when I was five. She really does look SO CUTE! Since she is already a straight A Honor there such a thing as a AAA Honor student?? There will have to be with all that extra clear vision she will now have.
P.S. - Leave them at home when you visit the lake. We try not to see our dust.

Grammy said...

Mackenzi: i didn't think you could look more beautiful.But i love the way you look in your glasses..I don't care what Poppy says the purple glasses are just too cute.I also love the black ones. I'm like Angela you are just so sophisticated looking. Now you and Caleb can compare glasses.. love you loads and loads.But like Meme said don't take them to the lake.. ask Mommy about her trip to the lake, while riding in the boat.."The worst day of my entire life"