Saturday, December 16, 2006

Whirlwind Saturday, Sick To Boot, & 200th Post!

Having come down with a terrible cold, (but at least it isn't the flu) I was not looking forward to my Saturday happenings as much as I was planning on. I started feeling sick on Thursday afternoon and wuickly took some cold and sinus medicine hoping to catch it before it caught me full force. I was too late! It caught me and boy did it ever.

Mackenzi had a swim meet on Saturday morning so I got up (wanting to snooze a little later being Saturday) and went for my mornnign walk. I rushed home showered and wuickly got ready and was off to the RACES, literally! Mackenzi swam well, and placed 1st in the butterfly, 3rd in freestyle, 4th in back, and 5th in breathstroke(her least favorite). She was swimming with kids in her age group but normally they sepreat girls and boys but they just competed against everyone, which can be tough swimming against the boys because a lot of the time they are faster than girls.
Greg had wante to watch her swim, but after leaving his morning sprts clinic they calle dhim to go back and see on of the girls that was having problems. He met up with us agter the meet and took Maryn running some errands so I could get Mackenzi and Maci ready for their winter dance show.

These girls are growing up way too fast. It makes me sad. Where ahs the time gone? They looked so cute in their costumes and with all of their makeup on. They all danced really good.

Maci was so nercous, and didn't want to perform because she said she didn't know her dance. Funny thing is, that every week in class she is one of a few that nerver skip a beat when practicing. She cried a few(well really alot) enough that all of her makeup was gone except her lipstick by the time she went on stage. She did a great job and KNEW her dance.

After the recital we stopped at Chuy's for dinner, at the girls request. I am beginning to think we have successfully brainwashed them. No pictures at Chuy's but believe me we were all successfully satisfied and stuffed after dinner.

We then headed dwon town to see the Christmas lights. This has become one of our favorite traditions while living in San Antonio. Some may say once you have seen the Alamo and Riverwalk once then that is goof enough, but we really enjoy taking the girls their and documenting with pictures each year we have been.

We rode the river barge through the San Antonio River, which isn't very big and not clean at all(we saw a dead mouse) but feel it is the best way to see the lights and riverwalk especially with kids. The girls had a fun time and asked lots of questions about some of the historical sites the tour guide was telling us about.

While we were at the Riverwalk we made our traditional stop in the Texas store to get our ornament for the year. This is another tradition we have. We get a family ornament, which usually is some sort of Texas, country one, then we let the girls pick out something for them that resembles them throughout the year. We didn't find their individual ones but we got two family ones because we couldn't decide. We figured this may be our last year in San Antonio so why not?

Our cowboy boot ornament, with the state of Texas, bluebonnets, and longhorn all on it. A Texas Flag cowboy hat! Both hanging proudly on our tree.


Confession! I may be skipping church tomorrow to try and recover from my 12:30 am bedtime on Friday, and my 11:45 pm bedtime, and all while being sick.


Jill said...

I'm sorry you're sick. No doubt the combination of being super busy and it being the season for germ spreading have taken their toll on you. I hope things calm down this week so you can get better.

Jenny said...

Congrats on the 200th post. Aren't you glad I suckered you into blogging. You would have never had this much journaling otherwise.

We need to take our kids down there. I didn't enjoy walking the riverwalk, but don't mind the boat ride (since it's easier to maintain Weston).

I hope you feel better soon! You sound horrible and need rest!

Nana said...

Sorry you are feeling so bad. I hope you are better soon. Sure wish I was there to help out with the girls. I know you have things you would like to be doing. You and Greg are making such wonderful memories for the girls. A big thank you from Nana, these family memories are so important. Really cute ornaments too. Wish I could have been there too. Love you, miss you all and wish you a very Merry Christmas!! Hope to see you soon after New Years.

Dana said...

I love the Christmas card! I really like the idea of straddling a fence. Such a bunch of great pictures :)

Grammy said...

So sorry we missed all of your special events this weekend..Dang work..I guess I'm wishing my life away.. Can't wait to retire..