Saturday, September 02, 2006

labor day bbq

Deep in the HEART of Texas!

We had a pre-labor day bbq at our house today. We planned this with the Clouses and invited several new and some not so new couples that live near us over for fun and grub. Unfortunately on two of the six we invited ended up showing up. I was a bit disappointed but realized we are the "older" ones in our ward and maybe the people we invited didn't want to hang out with the old foggies. We had fun chatting and corralling kids and emjoyed yummy food cooked on Greg's Texas grill. You know what they say, that everything is BIGGER and BETTER in Texas so you have to love the Texas shaped grill. What other states make anything and everything in the shape of their state? Not too many, right? I'm sure to non-Texans it is probably ridiculously annoying, but to us natives we are extremely proud of our state and its shape!

Abigail, Maryn, & Luke enjoying the trampoline without the BIG kids


pam said...

Now that is a BBQ. I love it. If I'd have been in town, I would have dropped by for some yummy BBQ.

Bridget said...

Love the bbq.

Jill said...

That grill is hilarious.