Tuesday, September 05, 2006

it's raining, it's pouring!

Okay maybe it isn't pouring but it is raining and this makes for an "oh so" happy day.

It is finally raining today after several months of being bone dry. It hasn't rained a significant amount since sometime in mid May. I usually can not stand the rain and it makes me depressed but, I actually told Jenny on our walk this morning I hoped it rained all day today. I actually wouldn't mind if it rained all day today and tomorrow for that matter.

I am so tired of having to stand out and water my yard by hand and not seeing much result because of the heat. We are on water restrictions because of the drought, so we only can water with sprinklers on a specific day each week depending on your address. Well, my day was yesterday, and I totally spaced it, since it was a holiday. I remembered about 10:30 last night so I turned on the sprinkler for about an hour. Hopefully the rain, clouds, and cooler temperature will help revive my yard.

Since it has been rainy today I decided to not venture out too much today. I ran to the bank and mad a pit stop at Sonic to fill my tank of Diet Coke and came back home. Jenny called and told me to come down and bring a couple of my projects we have been working on, for YEARS! We finished the star on my Texas quilt and then realized when I has gotten the fabric for the back a couple of months ago that the lady didn't measure enough. UGH!! So now that it is so far past July 4th I'm worried that they won't have my blue star fabic at Joann's. I really want to finish this quilt since we started nearly four years ago. I'm ready to send it off to be quilted and have it to display in our home.

We messed around with blogger and Jenny figured out how to get my picture to post with my comments so now everyone will have a visual when I comment. I'm not so sure if I'm crazy about the picture we chose but I'm not changing it right now. It's on there, so it can stay for a while, I guess.

Thanks Jenny for being my seamstress and blogging coach today. Hopefully we can get my other project done soon and then work on some of your stuff and our scrapbooks. I really need to get it out but am always overwelmed when it comes to dragging it all out and leaving it on our dining room table. It makes for a big mess and not much cooking and eating at home. I desperatley need a craft room so I can just do projects as I have time and not worry about having everything left out.

An update for my home sweet home post about wall decor-

This is another fairly new sign I found and thought it went perfectly with the pictures we took, with the star as the backdrop, for our Christmas cards last year.


Angela said...

I'm so impressed with your quilt! It looks great!

What is it about Texas that makes us loyal forever? Once we have some extra cash and time to do it, I want to do our playroom in a travel-theme, but heavy on the Texas flavor! Miss that Lone Star State!

Angie said...

We already have plans for at least one Texas themed room in our next house. Greg always says he wants his office to be decorated Texas style. Hopefully we will see that soon.

I had always planned on a Texas nusery for the boy we never had. I had great ideas and plans for that but haven't been able to follow through since the girls probably would not have liked rope, cowboy boots, and horses in their rooms.
The playroom is a great idea for an alternative though.

Jenny said...

Our posts are almost identical--I am laughing about it right now. However after talking to you tonight you may have to do a little update.

Oh, and your picture does work!! Hurray!

Jill said...

Your quilt looks awesome, what a cute idea to make a Texas Quilt.

I like the picture of the your yard in the rain too. What a relief eh?

Congrats on getting your picture to post in your profile, Amie will be so pleased (and the rest of us as well).