Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Tuesday update!

We just came home from the Temple so I am on cloud nine right now. What a great end to a great day. I was tempted to not go tonight because we were running late but am so glad I trudged on through the rain, traffic, and craziness of rush hour and made it there. It was nice to be there with Greg. A HUGEMONGOUS thank you to Doug and Jenny for watching the girls. I so realize how difficult it is to add three extra kids to the dinner, bath, and bed time routine. Not to mention Greg describes most evenings in our home as as "estrogen pool". I'm so sorry Doug. " Pay it forward" is coming to you soon!

I was ready to unwind for the evening and remembered I hadn't gotten the mail. I was excited to find some "good mail" waiting for me. Jill sent me a very cute handmade thank you card and some good mail labels made just for me. They even match my blog template! Thanks Jill, you really go above and beyond for others.

I got a cute company kids magazine and a 20% off coupon for Justice for Girls. I had gotten something in Dallas for Mackenzi there and wasn't even sure if there was a store here in SA, but I looked it up and we have two here. Maybe I can find her something at a cheaper price by using this.

What a terrific Tuesday!


Amie said...

How nice to be getting some rain. I love the rain. Did you go to the temple twice in one day? That's dedication.

I'm glad you put a picture with your blog comments, I love having a visual with the comments, especially now that there are so many of us!

Your star quilt is so cute. I have been to every quilting story in central Utah the past few days (with my mom) and still saw lots of cute star fabric. Good luck.

Jill said...

I'm so happy you guys finally got some rain, that's such a blessing.

I'm glad you had a good night at the temple as well.

I hope you like the good mail labels, I'm addicted to making those right now and want everyone to have some, I thought those colors worked well for you.

Jenny said...

Cute labels! I am glad you guys got to go to the temple. So sorry to hear that Maryn is sick. I hope she feels better soon, afterall we have some service tomorrow. Hee hee.