Friday, September 01, 2006

home sweet home

New Wall Decor

Yes, I know I will be putting our house on the market in probably nine months but I find myself still tryying to finish decorating it after being here five years. I have wanted to make our house feel more "homey" the entire time we have lived here. Last year we finally broke down and bought living room furniture. I never wanted to invite anyone over because I felt the one couch (southwest print) was not very pretty and we didn't have anywhere for our guests to sit.

About six months ago we were going through some stressful times so we again went out and purchased a few mote items, armoir, entry way bench, bookshelf for our bedroom... I call these our "make us happy purchases".

I had been wanted a shelf over our couch for a while and never found exactly what I was looking for in a store so I explained to Greg what I was wanting and he made it for me. Not having much free time he made a big sacrifice for me by making it late at night and hanging it on another late night. I am so proud of my shelf and happy to tell people Greg made it. I found a magnetic board and the H-O-M-E plaques while we were in Utah in July and had to have them. I had to ship the magnetic board home so it made the very good sale price not very good after paying the shipping fees. I finally got around to hanging everything and am not sure I like where they are but at least they are where they can been seen now.

I'm sure a lot of you are probably saying it's not the furniture and decorations in your house that make it a home. It is the family, spirit, and love that is felt inside that make it a home. I have to agree with that but, having felt as if my house wasn't big enough, nice enough, or as beautiful as others I haver been in, it changed the feeling I felt in my home. It sounds crazy, I know, but now I am so happy to invite others into our home, WELL IF IT IS CLEAN!!


Bridget said...

Love the shelf. I always love when we can say we did it ourselves instead of hiring it out. Heard Maci and Katie had a great time the other night. Sounds like you had a nice quiet nice. We all deserve that once in a while

Jill said...

I love the shelf, magnet board, and the HOME sign, I'd like to see the rest of your house. I love decorating my house and think all those little details do help make it a home. I'd still be decorating too even if I was moving in 9 months (why suffer until then?). I'm all about being home and making it a place I love.

Grammy said...

I love the shelve, but I can't figure out where you put the magnetic board.. Which wall is it on?

Angie said...

The magnetic board is hanging next to the computer desk by the window seat.

I'm glad everyone approves of my decorating even though it is a little late. But I am beginning to love it here and will be a little sad to leave our first home, BUT glad to be in a bigger place.

Anna said...

Darling things. I'm all for beautifying our homes...if it makes you feel happy and comfortable then it is worth it.

Jenny said...

I too love it, but does that count since I already told you? I think where you hung the HOME sign was perfect. I should have Greg make us a molding shelf...he is quite the handy man!

Okay and 9 months away!!! That makes me SOOO sad to even have that written down!

Angela said...

So pretty! I'm impressed with Greg's handiwork. How generous to use his free time that way.

Yeah, yeah, yeah...spirit, family, heart make a home; but it certainly helps to have some pretty stuff! After 8 years of med school and residency and our first year of paying it all back (ugh), I can say I have become an expert at finding the pretties CHEAP! And, what else makes it home for me? Clean and organized! You don't have to be rolling in the dough for that!