Thursday, August 31, 2006

good mail delivery

Jenny hand delivered a good mail package to me today. It was so nice, but she way out did my last one. She gave me some books for Maci & Maryn, that Taylor has outgrown. Some of the cutest ribbon and craft felt I've seen in a while. She threw in some darling iron ons, a sweet card and a black shirt like the white one I had gotten at WalMart. Thanks Jen, for being so sweet and thoughtful. I love all of my goodies.

It has also been nice this week not getting so many bills in the mail. I love when I get fun things like Pottery Barn Kids magazines, Victoria Secrets catalogs, coupon books, the Church News, etc. I have gotten quite a few of these lately and it makes going out to the mailbox not so painful. I know this will soon end. Next week the electric and water bills will be delievered and I am dreading that. It has been so hot and dry that we have literally had to run the AC constantly and I have watered my yard five days a week trying to revive it. It hasn't completely worked so all I am going to have to show for my accessive watering is a bill well over 100 bucks, I'm sure.


Jill said...

That's a mighty cute package from Jenny. It's fun that you two know each other so well and that you can hand-deliver fun stuff to each other. I'm glad you posted it because I love to see what everyone is giving and receiving. Oh la la.

Jenny said...

I couldn't pass up the polka dotted fabric since it looked so like Maci. Especially for all those painful wall projects you have to do in kinder.

I owe you WAY more than that. Did you forget about the babysitting money, lunch, and SMALL loan????

Angie said...

Hey what are sisters or moms ( I mean friends) for anyway. You owe me nothing except being my shoulder to lean on, ear to vent to, walking partner, and kid swapperer(I'm sure that's not a word) for the next ten or eleven months. And longer if we can manage that long distant. THat sound oh so sad!