Sunday, August 13, 2006

visitors from cali!!

Greg's sister Tori, her husband, Alan, and their little, or should I say big, boy, Dalles came from San Diego to visit this week. They drove straight through Friday night and got here Saturday while Greg and I were in Austin. They were exhausted to say the least and slept most of the day Saturday. We visited on Sunday and went out to Medina Lake Sunday after church to visit some of their family that lives there.

Dalles, Tori, & Alan

Dalles & Maryn
Dalles is only 19 months old but looks more like a three year old minus hair. He is very much a Mommy's boy and hasn't warmed up to his Texas relatives just yet. Maryn keeps trying to give out her hugs and kisses to him but he doesn't seem to want anyof them.

Dalles, Tori. & Mackenzi

Mackenzi loves the attention she gets from her Aunt Tori. Tori is a very much a kid at heart and loves playing with the girls. She even danced and taught hand jives to Maci, Mackenzi, and Taylor on Saturday. Thanks Aunt Tori for making the girls (and their friends) feel so special and loved.

Dalles, Tori, & Angie

Dalles & Maryn digging in the dirt.

Tune in later in the week for more of the Californians visit.

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Jenny said...

I'll have to ask Taylor to show me some of her new moves. I didn't realize they learned some new jives.