Saturday, August 12, 2006

a day in austin

A cool bridge, on the golf course, at Barton Creek Resort.

Today we went to Austin for a Business in Orthopedic lecture at a beautiful resort called Barton Creek. Doug and Jenny decided at the last minute to come along so they followed us up and we stopped and had lunch had a little mexican grill. It was pretty good and hit just the right spot. We headed over to the Resort to get a crash course in choosing a practice. Before we got there we thought we had made some headway on our decision but wihtin the first 30 minutes I was more confused than ever. I forgot my camera in the car when we first went in so I didn't get many pictures but you can check Jenny's blog for some of her pictures. After Jenny left I had no one to chat with and the lectures became a bit boring so I walked around and got my camera and snapped a few pictures.

A huge house in Barton Creek in Austin.

Aaron, Tara, Greg, & Angie goofing off after dinner.

After the conference was over we met our friends Tara and Aaron, who used to live here in SA, for dinner at one of our favorites- Hula Hut. This is a lot like Chuy's but with a Hawaiian twist to some of their dinners and salsa. It was really yummy and I left feeling really miserable. We had a fun time and enjoyed chatting and catching up with them. We talk quite regularly but don't see them very often. Their three kids were cute as usual but I forgot to take a picture of them.

Tara & Angie oustisde Hula Hut (YUMMY!)

We made it home around 9pm to a house full of company. Greg's Mom came to relieve the babysitter and his sister Tori, and brother in law, Alan and our nephew Dalles, had driven in from San Diego. It was good to see all of them at our home but wish we had a bigger place for our company.
More on their visit to follow.....


Allison M. said...

I am glad you had a fun day in Austin. I too am very nervous about the whole finding a job thing. I am going to learn from ya'll.

I think I have those same shorts. Did you get them at Nordstroms?

Jenny said...

I am glad you decided to hook up with the Collins. Hey is that their boat in the picture?

I was sad to go home and leave early too. But it doesn't sound like I missed much.

Jenny said...

Hey I also just learned from Bridget this morning that this is where Jessica and Nick Lechey were married. Did you know that??

Angie said...

Allison, I am actually wearing a skirt frim Nordstroms in the picture. Hopefully we will decide on a job soon and I can stop getting advice and start giving it.

Jen, It was fun to see Tara & Aaron, wished ya'll could have joined us. The bost in the picture is actually just a dumpy one sitting on land in the parking lot. There are several restraunts there on Lake Austin amd is always a happening place especially on the weekend.
I didn't know Jessica and Nick were married at Barton Creek. Thanks for the info.