Wednesday, August 02, 2006

queen for the week!

Our Queen, Ruler, Princess, Debutante...

So sweet and innocent.

Our little sleeping beauty!

Maryn has been our little queen this week, loving every second of the attention she is getting from us. She is so sweet, loveable, sqeezable, kissable, and she makes you just want to eat her up!
My shopping buddy.

Silly girl!

Maryn is lost without her two little mommies Mackenzi and Maci this week. I was a little mean and didn't let her go home to Grammy & Poppy's with them. I felt if I let her go that meant she was no longer my baby and didn't need me anymore and I was having no part of that. I also thought Mackenzi & Maci would have a funner time without Maryn needing to nap and stuff.

You've got to love her!

We have laughed and laughed this week at Maryn. She definately has found her personality. She loves to sing ans dance, especially in the car, to Radio Disney. Greg & I try and talk with the radio down at a normal volume(that isn't the case when the girls are in the van) but Maryn has learned(from her two leaders) the word "UP"! She will not just listen, sing, and dance, but her talents of these, have to be acknowledged conastantly. She knows most of the songs that come on the radio and loves to shout out the last word of each line. She can make the cutest and most mischievious faces that are way too cute.

Beautiful blue eyes.

I think she has gotten use to being "the only child" and is living it up getting her way with everything. She has gotten alot of attention this week that she normally doesn't get and has even beena littel spoiled. She will not let me out of her sight and has loved the daddy one on one snuggles. I'm sure it will be tough to share his hugs and kisses when her sisters return. What joy she bring into our family.

Daddy's little girl and silly face partner.


Jenny said...

I must say I am sooo jealous that you only have one this week. That sounds like paradise to me! She was too cute and funny in the car and at lunch today. Her little laugh and grin always makes me smile too!

Bridget said...

What a sweet tribute to Maryn! You should print it out and put it in her baby book. What a doll!

Angela said...

What a special time for you three! I would love to spoil Juliet with some one-on-one time--but that is so rare!

Maryn is a cutie--love the frowning pic with Greg.