Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Last week we were able to meet my cousin, Sabrina and her family at Seaworld on Thursday and Friday. It had been a few years since we had seen them so it was nice to catch up and spend time together. They live in Pearland, which is south of Houston. We always say we need to stop and visit, when we are going home, but it is and hour off our beaten path to Beaumont so we never take the chance to stop.

Sabrina & Angie
Reagan, Maci, & Reese
Brad, Corbin, & Mackenzi
Maci, Corbin, Mackenzi, Reagan, & Reese
Reese, Maci, & Reagan

The kids loved having other kids around since the Clouses have been out of town all week they were extremely in need of so me kid company. They were able to see most of the shows, go to the water park, ride kid rides and the two water rides, and Mackenzi was even able to ride both the Steel Eel and the Great White(big time roller coasters). They had so much fun and we are so glad we were able to see our very extended family. Greg was even able to come over and meet us for a couple of hours in the afternoon which is always a plus. It always seems to be more fun when we are together as a family.

Maryn & Greg
Maryn & Reese

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Jenny said...

Looks like ya'll had fun. Kinda makes me wish we had Sea World passes for a change of scenery.