Thursday, August 03, 2006

far too many miles

Today my Honda Odyssey turns one year old. Is this sad to remember your car's "birthday"? I can't believe we have had it that long already. As many moms can relate, I have put way too many miles on it in just one years time. We have always racked up high mieage on all our cars but I was convinced I wouldn't do that with this one. Boy was I wrong. I thought I would put between 15 and 18 thousand miles a year but when I got in it this morning and pushed the mileage button (I leave it on "trip" so I can't see how much I'm going overboard every day). I couldn't beleive it was a little over 20,000. It made me realize how much unnecessary driving I probably do. I do realize though that I am constantly running kids to and from many activities and feel the need to leave my nest every day even if it is just to get a diet coke. Greg's comment has always been "you get a car to drive it, not park in the garage". I guess this is true but I wanted to keep this one a bit newer for longer.

Thanks Greg for my taxi that I love. Thanks for your hard work and many long hours and sacrifices so we can have nice things. I can't wait until you are able to get something newer without 230,000 miles on it. Hopefully it will be soon.

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Jenny said...

I think you need to sign the contract and get Greg his big "truck" he has been wanting. Or maybe you could just pull his "truck" out of the attic and cash it in.