Monday, August 07, 2006

on the road again

lighthouse that is near the ferry landing

"On the road again, Just can't wait to be on the road again" (I think this is the name of an old Willie Nelson song)

We left from Crystal Beach about 1:30 yesterday afternoon and made the 15 minute drive to catch the ferry you have to drive your car on to cross over onto Galveston Island. Realizing it was Sunday and raining I knew there would be some sort of wait but never did I think we would be waiting an hour before we were able to board the ferry for the short 15 minute cruise. Of course, Maryn decided she would take a nap the entire tome we waited and was awake when we rode over on the "boat" and the rest of our trek home. This did not make for a pleasant Sunday afternoon drive.

traffic lines for the ferry
me & the girls on the ferry
Greg & the girls

After getting to Galveston we decided not to stop at any of the beach shops that we planned on stopping, we drove across the bridge to the South side of Houston. Realizing, again it was Sunday and raining and there would be a considerable amount of traffic we opted to get on the Sam Houston Tollway and bypass Houston all together. Smart move!! We never slowed down, except to pay the $1.25 toll three different times, and were on the west side of the city before we knew it.

Sam Houston Tollway booth
buck 25 x 3 toll booths

We stopped for a bathroom break and to fill up the car and then were back on our way. We went through several rainy spots but nothing to severe. We made it into San Antonio a liitle after 7:00 and decided to just stop and get dinner so it wasn't a big issue when we arrived home. Bad idea, well for me anyway. We ate a Chuy's and my stomach didn't agree with it. When we got home I got the girls ready for bed and unpacked a few things, started a load of laundry(didn't wait for it to finish) and went to bed.

*Road trip nessicities*

DVD players with headphones
DVD player for Maryn to watch on our next trip!
Tons of books
Coloring books and crayons
Game boy to entertain Maryn
Kid snacks
XM radio
Diet Dr. Pepper
Wheat thins& M&Ms
$$$ to pay tolls so you can bypass most traffic
Camera to document your trip
Cell phone (especially for Greg)

the girls being entertained by DVD'S and game boys
Greg doing what he does best while driving( he was taking to Doug about jobs)


Jill said...

It sounds like your trip was successful. I love your list of trip necessities and all the pictures.

Jenny said...

At first I was worried you were leaving somewhere when I saw this post. Then I realized you were being sneaky and either had it saved as a draft or are back dating.

Love the photos of the kids especially Maryn's "cheese" I can hear her saying it now.

I love it!! I think Greg just needs a permanent cell phone attachment to his ear the minute he gets into the car. Maybe we could invent one and sell it for lots of $$$$$.

Angie said...

I realize I take too many pictures of just everyday happenings and most probably would rather not see them all but hey i'm addicted to picture taking and blogging about it.

Seriously, Greg is always on the phone in the car. I just sit there and veg while he carries on conversations about work. I'm sure you can relate, Jenny.

Angela said...

Greg is lucky to live with 4 beautiful girls!