Tuesday, August 08, 2006

healthIER eating

I vowed I would try and start feeding my family a little healthier after a long summer of eating junk food. The summer started out okay and we were eating normal and not as much out, but then Greg left for those two weeks and I went on strike as a cook. The girls and I ate fast food quite a bit and if I did cook and feed them at home it wasn't really cooking. I might has well saved my energy because I was feeding them crap (fast food homestyle)! Frozen pizza, mac n' cheese, hotdogs, sandwiches, frozen chicken strips, bagel bites,.... you get the picture, right? Oh I almost forgot and we topped it off with ice cream several day a week.
After Greg came home I still didn't feel like cooking much so we ate out a lot that first week so my kids became accustomed to JUNK! as did I. I went to Utah, and Greg continued the strike in our kitchen and took the girls out after their days at Fiesta Texas and Seaworld.
I blame my not wanting to cook on the heat and drought we have been having here in Texas. Who wants to heat up their already boiling home with baking, grilling, or whatever? I have tried to do better but I feel like a cook for a couple of days and then find myself havinfg withdrawals from eating out.
When the girls were at my parents last week I think I only made dinner for me, Greg, & Maryn once, the rest of the time we either went out, had takeout, or ate takeout leftovers. After we came home from the beach I sat down and tried to think of healthIER things that didn't rewuire alot of preparing and were somewhat cooler thing to make and eat. Grilled chicken salad, baked potatoes, taco salad, sub sandwiches, grilled pork chops,... I also went to HEB and bought fruit for the girls to eat for snacks or to eat with their sandwiches at lunch instead of chips.

Wish me luck on my new lifestyle.

*Does anyone have any quick & healthy suggestions for me?*

Okay, I failed already! I had this post saved from last night and Jenny and I decided to waste time and get out of the house and took the kids to Costco and fed them greasy pizza and hotdogs. Oh well, it got us out of the house and free from the "I'm bored" issues so hopefully dinner will be better for them.


Bridget said...

My favorite summer meal that doesn't take too much prep is BLT sandwiches and corn on the cob. I guess the bacon isn't the healthiest; you could substitute it with turkey bacon. The best is when I have tomatoes from someone's garden. I will eat them like an apple they are so good. Good luck! We have tried to be good too lately, but it's not always possible.

Jenny said...

Sorry that would be my fault for dragging you out to Costco. The fruit does look yummy though. I think you did good last night too cooking them some grilled chicken. I must say I am not the best when it comes to advice, but you are more than welcome to try some of our WW recipes!! My kids seem to enjoy them as well.