Thursday, August 17, 2006

hOwdY niGhT

Our last Howdy Night at Thornton ELementary

You may feel like you are experiencing DeJaVu when you read this post since it will probably be alot like Jenny's post.

Our kids had their Howdy Night at their school tonight. This is when they post the class assignments and you get to meet your teacher and put your school supplies in your desk and cubby. Mackenzi had a first year teacher last year which made for a rough year. We voiced our concern several times with the principals but they kept telling us that since Mackenzi was such a good student and was continuing to make good grades they didn't want to do anything. Her class started out having 22 kids in it and by the end of the year their were only 16 left. They had been moved out for several different reasons some being behavior and others being grades and performance. After the school year was over we were determined to get a good teacher and class this year. I asked several of Mackenzi's previous teachers who they thought we should request for a teacher and they said Mr. Cuda is excellent and would be great for Mackenzi and her personlaity. Rumor was, that Mr. Cuda was moving and wouldn't be here this year so we put him as our first choice and then put a backup, both of which were male. In previous years Mackenzi made it clear she didn't want to have a guy for a teacher if she could choose. That all changed last year when she was in an after school science program and her teacher was the other fourth grade teacher that was our backup for this year. She loved him and changed her mind about men being teachers. We are so HAPPY to have Mr. Cuda as Mackenzi's teacher.

Mackenzi & Mr.Cuda

Mackenzi is so excited to have Mr. Cuda as her fourth grade teacher but even more excited that Taylor is in her class this year. She was really hoping to be in class with some of her friends since this will be her last year at Thornton. I hope she continues to do well and hope having friends in her class will not effect her work and learning. Who am I kidding? Mackenzi & Taylor are both excellent students and will surely so well this year.

Camo twins -Taylor & Mackenzi

Maci's teacher called on Monday to let me know she would be her teacher and she wanted to meet Maci during the day instead of during Howdy Night. The Kinder teachers do this because most of the kids are first timers in school and it is a bit overwhelming for them to all meet the teacher at the same time. It works better for a few of the kids to go and meet the teacher and each other rather than have mass chaos all together.
I requested Mrs. Turner for Maci. I had heard good things about her from other parents and since Mackenzi's kinder teacher now teaches Pre-K, I didn't really have a specific teacher I wanted. Maci actually wanted another teacher for no other reason than that she was young and she "looked" nice. Mrs. Turner was actually her second choice so she was happy with it. I can't believe she is going to start all day kindergarten in a couple of days. I have mixed emotions about it. I am so happy that she will be able learn and have a place to burn all of her energy, but I am a bit sad that she is growing up so fast. It seems just like yesterday that she was born- the little 6lb 10oz funny looking baby is now big enough to go to "big girl" school. I can't wait to hear about her first day as a Kindergartener. I'm sure she will have tons to tell, she is by far my biggest talker.

Mrs. Turner & Maci


Bridget said...

I can't believe how big the girls have gotten. They are adorable! Good luck on Monday. I know the girls will do great.

Jenny said...

I'm glad they got such great teachers this year. I can't believe Maci is already in kinder. It seems like yesterday when we met her in diapers!