Friday, August 18, 2006

wedding bliss

Congratulations Laura & Brandon

Today Greg & I were able to go to the Temple to our babysitter Laura's, wedding. When we moved here she only fourteen and was in my Mia Maid class in Young Women. I can't believe she has grown up and is old enough to be married.
The sealing was beautiful and they were all grins and giggles and seemed so happy. Thanks guys for inviting us to the temple for your most special day.

After the temple we went home to get the girls and headed back to the reception that was held at Canyon Springs Golf CLub. It was a beautiful setting for such a special occasion. As you can see our girls LOVE Laura & Brandon and will miss them babysitting when they leave to go back to school in a few weeks. Thanks for taking such good care of our little princesses when you watch them. They are talking about you both for days after you have been over.

Maryn has finally found a sitter she can smile around and now she gets married and will be moving away soon. What's a mom to do when it takes two years for a kid to not cry when she leaves them with a sitter and now the sitter will not be around? Thanks LA LA for not getting bugged when Maryn screamed all of the time. Your patience paid off, she loves you!!


Jenny said...

Maybe we can recruit them to stay here so we have decent babysitters. However, I am not sure separating them would work now....he he

Jill said...

She looks very young, are you sure she's old enough to be married? Yikes.

Angie said...

Jill, she is young. She turned 19 in April. I couldn't believe she was engaged at 18. I waited, it seemed like forever, until I was 23.