Saturday, July 08, 2006

a visit from grandparents

My parents and Greg's parents came into town today. Mackenzi has her last swim meet on Monday, unless she places first in any of her events, so they didn't want to miss seeing her swim. They love their Grammy and Poppy and Nana and Papa and are all smiles whenever they are around. Grammy wanted to take Mackenzi shopping for her birthday so we headed out and made a quick stop at Costco before heading on to La Cantera. Mackenzi is, by far, the one who loves shopping the most. Even thought she had a closet full of clothes she still would love to have more. She got a couple of new shirts and a new swim suit.
We went to Red Robin, one of the girls' favorite places to go especially when we have visitors.

Our best try at making Rudy's at home. We had brisket, baked beans, cream corn, and cole slaw all prepared by Greg and I. It wasn't exactly Rudy's but pretty close. It helps that we have the cream corn recipe and their famous barbque sauce. We were all stuffed after dinner so I guess that means it was pretty tasty!
Grammy and Poppy (my parents) brought Greg this Texas shaped BBQ grill/fire pit to him for graduation. They were enjoying an Alaskan cruise during gradutation so they were not able to be here then. Greg loves Texas stuff so this was the perfect gift for him. He already plans on having his office at home, and away from home, both decorated Texan. We plan on putting some landscaping stones or tiles in our backyard and then putting the fire pit on it with some chairs around it. I can't wait for our first cool spell this fall so we can try it out as a fire pit, but we will be grilling on it the first chance we get. I'm sure the girls will want to make smores on it every night.
Thanks for coming to visit us this weekend. We had so much fun.


Jenny said...

Now the question is are you going to use it before you leave San Antonio? That pit looks really cool!!

Angie said...

I'm sure Greg will be firing it up as soon as he gets the chance. Maybe will use it for our FHE in August the guys planned.