Sunday, July 09, 2006


Today in Sacrament meeting I actually was able to sit, listen, and enjoy most of it, thanks to both sets of parents being there with us. A new couple in our ward who are expectin gtheir first child gave the talks today on applying the Atonement to our lives and forgiveness, especially forging ourselves. They told several stories which adds to talks in my opinion. One was about a woman who seemed to have it all together, she was a wife of a man in the bishporic, a mom to four kids, involved in the PTA, and was the Ward Relif Society President. She seemd to have everything in order until one day she cracked. She said she couldn't do it anymore. She asked to be released from her calling and said too much was expected of her and she couldn't handle it. And blamed herself when things weren't going perfectly. I am totally guilty of this and blaming myself for the stuff that goes wrong is what makes me unhappy.
Our babysitter Laura, sang this song called Gentle today in church and absolutely loved it. Laura has a beautiful voice and brings tears to my eyes every time she sings in church. This song, one, I had never heard before and was one I needed to hear. It talks about how we should be more gentle with ourselves.


Jenny said...

Okay Ang--I know that you have about 3 drafts saved. I am anxiously awaiting them and am stalking your blog!!

Jenny said...

I also love your comment on the abbreviation (FLK) poor little Maci! She is a doll now regardless of what you thought of her before. You better not say it out loud or she'll get a complex. I think she looks just like you though!!