Monday, July 10, 2006

all stars bound!

The ten and under divisional swim meet was today. Mackenzi swam in four events, the medley relay, which she was the freestyle leg, butterfly, freestyle, and the freestyle relay. Depending on how she placed and how fast her times were compared to other swimmers, in the other four divisions, would decide if she went to the All Stars meet this Saturday. The All Stars meet consists of five divisions in the city which adds up to around twenty teams. The medley relay team got first and that assured her spot at All Stars. Then four events later she swam her best ever butterfly race and beat out her biggest competitor (Courtney, her own team mate) and won first place. She was shocked, we were shocked, and her coach was shocked at how well she swam. She placed sixth in her individual freestyle and their fresstyle relay ended up second. She will swim on Saturday morning, and I will not be here for it. I'm feeling a bit guilty that I will be having my girls weekend with Jenny while she is swimming her biggest races ever. I had no idea she would be doing this well when we planned our trip. I am super excited about going away for the weekend, and spending time with friends, but sad that I will not be here to cheer her on. I know she will be nervous so hopefully Daddy can ease that burden. After all, maybe it is better that I'm not here for it, because today I was probably more nervous than her. I couldn't quit shaking enought to even snap a picture of her in action. After the meet, I felt exhausted and my heart hurt from pounding so hard for over two hours straight.
Mackenzi, we are so excited for you and proud of you. Good Luck on Saturday.
Mackenzi- our all stars bound swimmer.
Mackenzi & Taylor best buds
The spectators-Grammy, Nana, Papa, Maci, Jared, Maryn, & Poppy
Some of the Woodridge Stingray swim team
Coach Dan
Coach Amber


Jenny said...

Congrats to Kenzi!! Sorry I sucked you into a trip and am making you miss your daughters biggest event! I am feeling a little guilty, but am so excited--TWO MORE DAYS!!

Angie said...

You didn't suck me in. I wanted more than anything to get away and to spend a weekend as just us girls, but didn't even realize when all stars was and surely didn't think Mackenzi would be doing so well. I'll just have Greg call me before she races so I can be nervous,1200 miles away, over the phone.
I can't wait, and I better start preparing and packing.

Angie said...

Oh-I forgot to tell you, according to yahoo weather, we will not be escaping the heat this weekend. It is going to be 99 Fri. and Sat. and 100 on Sun. and Mon. in SLC.