Friday, July 07, 2006

oh happy day!

I didn't sleep much last night due to the excitement that today would bring and all the chores and to-dos I wanted to finish before Greg came home. We had accomplished the closets earlier in the week but due to some unexpected things my house turned into a BOMB! I felt I should just wait until the girls were asleep to tackle the tasks at hand so that put me starting things around 9pm. Of course I had to take a break and finish my blog I had started yesterday morning and then I was back at work.

It started raining so I decided to put off floors until this morning because my hard work would have been pointless once Nikki(our cocker spaniel) needed to go outside. I wanted to make the girls tshirts to wear today to the airport but put this off until 1 this morning. I really wished I would I would have thought about it sooner and I would have gotten them embroideried. We had to settle for our computer and an iron on transfer. They turned out pretty cute but will not be so, after they are washed. That's okay, since I really just wanted to have them for the airport.

It was fun waiting in baggage claim for him instead of just circling around, and around, and around until he came out. One of the other wives and her son came to welcome home their daddy as well, but the other guy had no one waiting for him. His wife is also a resident (military) and she was out of town doing a rotation, so her and her twin girls were not there to welcome Brandon home. It was kind of sad and almost made me cry. You could tell by the look on his face that he missed his girls as much as Greg missed us, nut smiled to see the girls(& Greg) so giddy with excitement. The guys seemed like they had a fun time together even under their grueling study circumstances. They even had talked about this on the way to the airport this morning. They enjoyed their time spent together, discussing test questions and answers, church, and even went running and swimming together everyday. They said they wished they would have been doing things together the past five years on a regular basis. We said our goodbyes to the others and headed out for lunch.

Greg has really missed chips and salsa so we (him & I) were pretty set on mexican food, but the girls were challenging our request. We had planned, earlier in the week, that we would go to Chuy's today but I became weak yesterday when Jenny suggested we go for lunch. I could tell the girls weren't sold on the idea of going to the same place(one they can live without) two days in a row. We finally convinced them and were on our way. It was just as yummy today as it was yesterday but I was feeling a bit ill when we were done eating because of how much I ate.

I am so happy that Greg is back home with us, I can hardly stand it. How blessed I feel to have such a wonderful husband and daddy for our girls. He is amazing. I'm sure everyone gets sick of hearing how great I think he is but I would shout it from a mountain top if I had one to climb. At the airport I was reminded of how special Mackenzi, Maci and Maryn think their Daddy is. I honestly don't know if they would react the same if I were the one gone on a trip. I know they would miss me but their littles faces just lit up and the squeals and giggles just fell from their mouths when he came around the corner. It was touching to watch them run towards him so excited. Thanks for your hard work for our family and for your constant love and devotion. Thanks for keeping us laughing and smiling. It is a HAPPY DAY!


Jenny said...

I am happy Greg is home to. I can't believe you stayed up to make those shirts! Well yes I can. They all looked so cute and matching!!

TX Girl said...

We have a Chuy's by us and we go every week. Some days we go twice a week. I can't get enough of the chips and salsa.

Angie said...

We are usually there at least once every two weeks. I could go more often especially without all of the kids we usually haul in with us. Jenny and I are leaving on Friday to visit a friend who used to live here but is now in SLC and we are bringing her some chips and salsa and creamy jalepeno dip.