Thursday, July 06, 2006


I've made it, well almost. For those of you who couldn't tell by my blog Greg has been gone for the past twelve days and will be home in less than fifteen hours. He has been in Maine, at Colby College, for a review course for his board exam. He has been living in the dorms there studying nonstop (except to excercise), preparing himself for the biggest test of his life. I'm sure you are wondering why a small town in Maine. I wondered the same thing, but apparently there isn't alot to do there so you are forced to study and attend the lectures of your choice. According to Greg it was a sacrifice, well worth it, on both of our parts. He doesn't like being away from us and leaving me home to care for everything alone 24/7. I HATE being home without him here. I have told several people it isn't so much the taking care of the girls by myself all day everyday, but it's not having him come home just for a few minutes each day. I have gotten into a dinner, bath, and bedtime routine alone since we started residency. I would have loved for him to have been here to help with that but the thing I missed most was having him here with me. I missed our alone time when we sit and talk about our day and catch up on a few tv shows we recorded and sip a shake together. I have literally been about to crack the last fews days of not having him here to talk to. We have talked many times a day while he has bee gone and even bought cameras for our computers so we could see each and the girls could see their daddy but it isn't the same not having him physically in reach.

Jenny (& Doug) have saved me more than a few times the past two weeks. Our morning walks kept me from feeling so guilty about how bad I have eaten. They had us over for dinner a couple of times and of course Jenny has had the girls come and play to give me much needed breaks. I can never repay her enough for the help she gave on reorganizing my closets. She is amazing when it comes to knowing where to put things sp they are put to better use. A HUGEOMONOUS thanks to Doug for being our Dr. Daddy while our was away. I was a little upset when Maryn fell and broke her clavicle, knowing Greg wouldn't be on his way home to examine it. I am so glad we have such good friends just a few steps away anytime we (I) need them. Thanks guys for all you did for us the past two weeks. Hopefully you realize how hard it has been without Greg here and how much of a burden you have lifted off of my shoulders just by being around. Thanks again.

Greg, I am counting the minutes until you arrive at the airport. I guess the old saying of "Hurry up, and wait" has been my life the last fews days. It can't be Friday quick enough. All week I have been thinking it's a day later than it actually is. I hope you know how much I love you and appreciate all of your determination, hard work, sleepless nights, endless reading and learning, patience, kindness, understanding and love means to me. I am truly blessed to have you in my life and to share in your lifelong dream. Thanks for inviting me to come along. It has been an incredible adventure and I am so happy for us.

I love you BIG like the world!


Jenny said...

I am so glad that Friday is almost here for you! I hope that the dinners and having the girls over helped some of your sanity. I know that I too would have appreciated you doing that for me. And what are friends for?? I just wish we could have tackeled some of Greg's belated graduation present. But we will some other time. YEAH I am so happy for you that Grego is coming home!!

Jill said...

Wow, 12 days is a long time to be flying solo. I'm glad it's Friday and you made it through. Have a fun reunion.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I bet you are so happy to have him home! I hate being home alone without Aaron at night-I would hate to have to go for 13 nights without him!