Thursday, July 13, 2006

thursday thoughts

Tomorrow Jenny and I leave for Happy Valley. I am really excited to go and visit friends and to have a little break from my hectic summer routine with the kiddos. I too am a bit sad and nervous to leave as well. I haven't left them all with Greg for more than a day. I know he will do great and maybe even get rid of a few problems we have been having.
I am excited to see SLC and the Provo area since it has been about eight years since we have been to visit. Hopefully we will get a chance to go to Temple Square and maybe even go to the Temple while we are there. I have always loved the peaceful feeling surrounding Tenple Square and always said if they would let me choose where I wanted to serve a mission I would have gone and I would have chosen to be a tour guide at Temple Square. But since that's not how things work I never served a mission and I still am a bit shy and reserved. Maybe Greg and I will get the chance to serve later.

I go this book back in when Time Out for Women was here and totally forgot about it in til just the other day when I was going through books and came across it.

The Temple Our Home Away From Home by Ardeth G. Kapp
"The temple is the bridge between mortality and immortality. It is the place where we receive comfort, vision, hope, and promise. In the temple we are reminded of our identity--who we are and who we are to become--and we prepare to fulfill our forordained mission."
I love this quote about being reminded of who we are and who we are to become, and how we should prepare ourselves acoordingly. I love attening the temple to recieve the peacefulness and comfort that is there. To escape the world for a brief while and ponder the promises and the hope that lies within the walls of the temple.

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