Friday, July 14, 2006

happy friday, happy valley

Well it's finally Friday and in less than thirty minutes Jenny and I will be on our way to the airport. A little sad to leave Greg and my three little girls but gald to be able to spend time with friends doing girl things. I have always said I wanted to do something like this once a year but never thought it would ever happen.
Thanks from the bottom of my heart, Greg for letting me take a break and get away. I know your shedule isn't suitable to take two days off very easily and know you are sacrificing much fo rme this weekend. Thanks for all you do and know it doesn't go unnoticed. Give the girls kisses and squeezes from me often while I'm gone. Have lots of fun daddy/daughter dates but don't spoil them too much. Know I will miss you and the girls so much. I love you BIG like the world!

Reasons today I'm happy-

*I know I'm loved
*I have a family to love
*A wonderful husband
*Three beautiful girls
*Great friends to spend time with
*Wonderful parents
*The gospel
*It's Friday
*I'm getting a much needed rejuvination break

Hope you have a great Friday. I know I will. Happy Valley here we come.

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Janet said...

Hope you girls have a wonderful time:) You both deserve a break-it is great that you both have nice husbands to take over for the weekend:)