Sunday, July 16, 2006

bringing back memories

Well Jenny and I made it to Utah Friday morning safe and sound. As soon as we got our car and started driving it was like no time had past since either one of us had been here. Even though some things are very different we remebered street names and how to navigate ourselves around Salt Lake. We met up with Jenny's freind Allison and went to an outdoor mall, similar to LaCantera, an shopped and had lunch at Rumbi's. We went to Nordstoms big anniversary sale but didn't find much. We walked over to Temple Square and had one
of the sister missionaries take a few pictures of us. It was as so pretty, as I remembered it being. I haven't been back here since 1999 and it is so funny to see so many churches and LDS people strolling around. Of course there are many people that aren't LDS and a few of those were working the makeup counters in Nordstroms in drag. Guys in full on makeup. They had more makeup on than I have ever worn in my entire life. It was so funny because we tried to be discreet and take a picture of them but I think it was obvious when the flash went off what we were doing.
After we left Salt Lake we stopped by and really surprised Jill at her house. We felt we couldn't be this close and not just stop to say hi. I hope we didn't throw her in to panic mode when she realized we were in her driveway. I admit I would have freaked if two people I didn't know just popped in. We chatted for a few minutes, had a quick blog lesson, and took some pictures. Thanks Jill for being such a great sport about our surprise visit.
Finally we made our way to Orem and Provo. I stopped at my old apartment, College Terrace, across from UVSC (UVCC when I was there) and took a picture of me standing in from of my apartment,#18. I was having flashbacks of the 18 year old small town Texas girl, with a strong southern drawl, being so scared when my parents drove away that first semester. I remember falling in the snow/ice trying to walk to class. I rememeber taking huge spill on my way to church and busting my elbow open, I remember having to walk every where I went or ahving my roommates take me. I remeber going to Institure dances hiking th e"Y". going to Sundance, Bridal Veil Falls, and walking across BYU campus and wishing so bad that I would have been going there.
We made it to Steph's house and were so happy to reunite with her after two years. It ws great. Gracie has grown up, Jake looks totally the same jsut a little taller. Isabel was a mini Gracie. It was like seeing Gracie again and her not ever changing in two years. Caroline, whom we had never seen looks a lot like Jake and Mitch and is darling. After Mitch came home, just us girls headed out to Brick Oven for dinner. Of course, the first words out of our waiters mouth was, are you sisters? It is so funny that people say that about us. None of us reallu look alike we just all have blonde hair. Any way we got a few surprising comments while we were eating. One of the waitresses came by and said, " I have to ay you three are so beautiful." We all just giggled like we were little embarrassed kids. We stuffed ourselves and then went home and stayed up way too late chatting. It was so fun remisncing and catching up after so long.
Even though I am having so much fun I am missing Greg and my girls.
Greg thanks for letting me have this fun getaway. You will never know how much it means. Thanks for spending time with the girls and taking care of them. Mackenzi, Maci, & Maryn, know mommy loves you and misses you so much. Kiss each other and Daddy for me and I will see you all soon.


Jill said...

I enjoyed your surprise visit, and am so glad you guys managed to pack so much fun into your trip.

Jenny said...

Hey I never knew you busted your elbow. I learned something new about you!