Saturday, July 01, 2006

super successful saturday

I have learned be careful what you mention on your blogs and/or comment on others' blogs. I nonchalantly commented on Jenny's post on motivation about having her help me getting organized. She is the Queen of organization, dejunking, and is a little OCD. I have always told her that I'm a pack rat, as are my husband, and my girls. I have always just closed off the messy rooms and closets when she is over so she had never really seen how much junk we have collected. I never thought my secret would be out and she would see me, the real me! I was a bit concerned and nervous of what she would think so I told her I was okay and I could manage the task alone. I made every excuse, from she needed to spend the day with her family, to Maryn was sleeping so we couldn't get into her room. They didn't work, as you will see in the below pictures. I was glad that she didn't make any comments on the dust, junk, clutter, amount of clothes and shoes my girls have(it is very dificult having three girls, it makes you want to buy every cute thing you see). Hopefully she doesn't blog about me and my bad habits or tell anyone how disorganized I am. I admit I was embarrassed at first but got ever it as soon as I saw Jenny didn't care she just wanted to help me. And that she did and I am so grateful. I vow to never go back to the messy, junky closests!
Mackenzi's side of the closet.
Maci's side

Mackenzi & Maci's room

Maryn's closet

Maryn's room

What a day. After Jenny came over Friday night late to help me part with some of the things in Maryn's toy box and bins she offered to come back over today to take on Mackenzi and Maci's room and closet. It was and overwhelming sight when we started bringing things out of the closet. There is no way the girls even knew about half of the things they had accumulated. Jenny even made the comment that I could homeschool them after seeing all of the workbooks and arts and crafts they have.

The kids, including Taylor and Jared, wanted to have a lemonade stand while we were working inside. We were a bit nervous to let them, but we figured it was okay since we could see them through the window. It was a nice way to have them preoccupied while we were throwing away their stuff. They were out there about two hours and each made a whopping buck twenty-five. They were thrilled over there earnings and came to tell us each time they had a new customer. Maybe I should have them do a garage sale, they would probably get more business than I ever do just because they are cute.

It was a great feeling when we had everything back in it's place and it looked so good. The kids loved being able to get to so much of their stuff without having to ask me to help. I have threatened them if they don't keep it organized that we'll have to dejunk more.

A HUGEOMONGOUS(not really a word just thought it sounded good) THANK YOU to Jen for sharing her talent of dejunking and organizing. Doing this now will make for a smoother pack up next summer. I may have to do a little more next spring. but nothing like it would have been like before today.



Jenny said...
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Jenny said...

I am so glad that I was able to help. And it wasn't bad. As I told you before I am weird and actually enjoy organizing stuff. To me it was more therapeutic. Go figure. You know I would never write anything bad. You should see how dusty and gross my stuff was when I did this last week. After your comment about Tara saying she needs to supervise your spring cleaning--I thought hey I can do that! So I finally took the nerve up and just did it. Hey the next project when Greg's gone is your closet!!! Then you will be good to go!!

Bridget said...

Jenny, you know people earn lots of money doing this for other people. Maybe a new career option? :)