Friday, June 30, 2006

freaky friday

Okay, Are these the scariest things you have laid eyes on lately? I was cleaning out and reorganizing toys today and came across these TWO Grinch stuff things. Maryn absolutely blew a gasket when she saw these. She screamed and screamed until I had to hide them so she couldn't see them anymore.
I have known kids(my own are guilty)to be terrified of halloween masks, but didn't even think that one of them might be scared of these. After I got her calmed down I realized they are a BIT freaky looking. I think I will get rid of the Grinches. I can't have my little girls scared of their toys. Sorry Nana, but these may have to go elsewhere. I would hate my sweet Maryn to have another reason to scream during the day.
I have been needing to go throughthe girls things but always dread this project. After havin gcompany for a couple of weeks I felt since I was putting everything back in it's home that I might as well dejunk. Jenny came down tonight and helped me organize some things(the girls were all sleeping so we couldn't get in their rooms. Ia had pulled all of the stuff out of Maryn's room before she went to bed so we ust worked on that stuff. We were able to oragnize and get rid of some stuff that they don't play with anymore. I plan on finishing up tomorrow, hopefully.

*Have you ran across things you forgot you had?*
*Are any of them frightening?*


Bridget said...

Okay, those things are THE scariest things I have ever seen!

Jenny said...

I am laughing out loud right now and am about to pee my pants all over again. (poor miss Maryn) hopefully she isn't too terrified. I was terrified too when I saw them. Maybe Taylor and Mackenzi could have used them as their best friend dolls. Just kidding really. Okay I am rambling...

Nana said...

I have a friend that has a little boy that screams at anything that has eyes. I know he wouldn't like those things either. I guess they have been in the closet for a long time. They must have come with that Jim Carey movie. I didn't even remember them. Just throw them away if our Maryn cries. She is the cutest little doll we need.