Saturday, July 01, 2006

is the doctor in?

Is the doctor in?
After all of the training Greg has been through to become an orthopedic surgeon(bone doctor), why is it the first time we need him to "practice" at home, he is out of town. He has taken both Mackenzi and Maci to the hospital to make sure things are were not broken before but Maryn hasn't experienced that daddy/daughter date yet.
Tonight, after a day of organizing bedrooms, I offered to watch Doug and Jenny's kids so they could go out to dinner for a post trauma celebration. Doug was still a bit tired after working such long hours that they decided to just grab something quick and then run an errand.
While they were gone the kids ate, played and Luke and Maryn wanted to watch High School Musical. I put it on for them and they climbed into our oversized chair, with a couple of extra pillows. They looked so cute I decided I needed to take a picture so I could blog about them. I ran out to the car ( my camera was in my purse so when I'm out and about and see something to blog about I'll have it). While I was in the garage I heard an incredible thud and the most horrifying scream come from Maryn. I ran inside to find her face down on our new, not so cushioning, wood floor. She apparently fell from the chair. I'm not sure if she had climbed on top of all of the pillows and then fell or just rolled off the ottoman. I picked her up and tried to soothe her hurts but wasn't successful. Even milk, "the fix it" solution, wasn't doing it either. She seemed to be hurt really bad. She wouldn't turn her head, lift her arm, look up or anything. I knew Doug and Jenny would be back soon so I dealt with her sobs the best I could. She finally stopped after about 45 minutes and started playing but whimpered everytime she tried to use her arm.
Doug examined her and we decided to run her up to the ER to get a quick x-ray with the "c arm" machine. The first little picture confirmed my thoughts. She had broken her clavicle(collar bone). Everything else looked fine on x-ray. Doug put her in a little harness thingy to keep her from moving it too much so she could maybe get some sleep tonight.
When we left Doug called Greg to give him the diagnosis but, actually played it up to worry Greg a bit. He told Greg Maryn had broken her elbow and he called the pedi staff guy on call and they were going to take her to the OR later tonight. I think Greg was a bit taken back, especially since the staff guy isn't the greatest. You could here the concern in Greg's voice so Doug gave up the joke quick. Greg said he was a bit nervous but felt better knowing Doug would have been in helping with the surgery( if there would have been one). He was relieved to find out it was a minor fracture of her collar bone but I could tell he wished he was here, for me and to have been here for the first bone injury to one of our kids. He spends so much time taking care of others and their kids, but the first time he could have helped ours he was away. He isn't just away, just to be away. He is at board review course, so that is the best reason I know to miss the drama of the first broken bone at our house.
Thanks Doug you were a life saver and we would have felt much better knowing you would have been in operating on Maryn if it would have been something worse. Also, thanks to Jenny for staying here with the kids while we went to the hospital. What would we do without you both? We owe you big time.


Bridget said...

So glad to hear she is doing better. Why is it that things like this always happen when the guys aren't around. I know we are all capable of taking care of ourselves, but it so nice to have them around. Take care! A trip to Chuy's always helps!

Jenny said...

I hope she gets well soon. Even though her little splint looks so cute on her! Thank goodness for Tylenol with Codeine right? I didn't realized Doug called Greg and psyched him out. That was mean! Especially since he told him Rienker was on call. I just hope deep down Luke isn't the cause of it all.. Even though he swears he didn't "push" Maryn.

Angie said...

I really think Chuy's would help. I'll have to hit Jenny up for a lunch trip there one day this week. I could really go for it right now.
Maryn's doing pretty well. She forgets about it until she has use it to do something. She doesn't want to lay down and get her diaper changed and literally refuses so we have been sitting on the potty most of the day today. Maybe something good will come from this and we can accomplish the potty training. She can't sit up on her own after lying down either so we are adgusting to that, too. It is hard to pick her up without grabbing her underneath her arm so I just do it really quickly and she just cries for a second. We will survive and she should be feeling better in a few days. Just in time for Greg to have miised it all!

Angie said...

Maryn did say "Luke push you" when I picked her up and he kept saying "No I not, No I not". We will never know and who cares. We are bound to have little accidents around when the seven of them are together, right? She will be fine. Thank goodness she didn't need surgery and Reinker was the one doing it! I bet Greg would have been on the next flight out of Maine if that was the case.