Wednesday, June 14, 2006

wAckY wEdneSdAy

I don't really consider today a wacky day but it sounded good for a title. Today is hump day of a very busy week. The problem is the week doesn't get better after today. It just gets busier and busier. I have tons to do today to get ready for the rest of our wacky week. My sister comes into town this afternoon. Greg comes home from his job hunt. I'm getting my hair cut and highlighted. Maci has dress rehearsal on Friday afternoon. Greg graduates from residency Friday night. Swim practice Sat. morning and then the dance recital is at 2:00 but we have to get there around 12:00 to get seats and dressed. Father's Day is Sunday and I have no idea on what to make Greg for dinner, much less thought about making it to HEB for groceries. No one probably cares about my list of to-dos but I wanted to post them so I can feel good when they are all done.

1) Do laundry(about 3-4 loads)
2) Take the girls to swim practice
3) Go for my 3 1/2 mile walk
4) Take movies back to Blockbuster
5) Pick up dry cleaning
6) Wash car (I have to admit I will probably just drive through today and not do it myself)
7) Feed kids lunch and lay Maryn down for a nap
8) Mow lawn ( in the 100 degrees heat)
9) Talk my sisterAllison in to our house, while she is driving (she is coming with her two girls, for the first time alone)
10) Shower (I'm sure I will smell lovely after walking and doing the lawn)
11) Get eyebrows waxed and maybe a pedicure too just depending on time
12) Decide on what's for dinner (I'm sure we will eat out since Allison is here)
13) Bathe 5 GIRLS!!! (this sounds more exhausting than the yard)
14) clean up around the house
15) Pickup Greg at airport

Hopefully I get all of these done especially the picking up Greg from the airport. He left Monday morning but it seems like he has been gone for a whole week!
I have lots on my to-dos for tomorrow but will spare you the agony of listing them now. Maybe tomorrow I will make you suffer while reading about my day.


Anonymous said...

Hey Angie this is Tina Hoke now Escobedo! It's so crazy that I came upon your blog yesterday while being bored at work and was looking at other people's blogs and so on and happened upon yours somehow. Anyways just wanted to say hi and tell Allison I said Hey too! She called me yesterday and tell her I'm sorry I haven't called her back yet, it's been a crazy week around here too. I'm sure she's gonna be freakin' out driving in all that San Antonio traffic. By the way Go Mavs!!!!!!!!! He He

Jenny said...

From the looks of it, I would say you did pretty good and crossed off most of that stuff! Glad that today is almost through! I feel like this week is majorly dragging!

Nana said...

It is easier working outside the home. I'm glad I never did when our four little ones were home. I loved my busy schedule with them. I wish I could bring you over a Sonic drink. You'll probably need one this afternoon. I remember those days of endless lists of activities. I miss those days of endless lists.