Tuesday, June 13, 2006

oN tHe hUnt

We are actively on the hunt for a job and place to move next year when Greg is completely finished. Where oh where should we go? Should we move back home to be near family and not have as many of our wants near us? Should we stay in San Antonio and take less $$$$$ and be worked to death? Should Greg stay on as staff at the school, and be treated as if he were still as resident (but a better paid resident)? Should we take a job in "podunkville"(in the middle of nowhere) where the offer seems to be great but not for sure how life would be outside of the job. Then there are the other random jobs in New Braunfels, Denton, McKinney..... I am so stressed and wish we knew what to do.

What are the most important things we want for our family? Schools are at the top of the list. We would prefer the girls to go to public schools but realize sometimes the only option is private. We would like them to be able to be involved in extra curricular activities at school so we have been doing research on that. Church is at the top of our wants and needs ,too. Growing up, one of only two Mormons in my class of nearly 300 was not at all easy. I did stand out and was respected by my peers but there wasn't much dating and going to homecomings and proms. I would love for our girls to have decent size youth program to grow up in. Is that even an option if you live outside Utah, Idaho, or Arizona?
Swim team has recently become something we want to have for Mackenzi. She really likes to swim and is pretty good and competitive, more so than dance. Do we look for places that have neighborhood pools or do we just have one in our backyard? Someone that took Greg around on a community tour recently told him neighborhood pools are a great way to get to know people and for your kids to make friends quickly. I have wished we had a pool in our neighborhood since about a month after we moved in five years ago. Not really for meeting people just for heat relief and having somewhere to take the kids when they are bored. I never thought of it as a way to get to know people but now think that would be a great thing, especially for me. I am not much of a social butterfly and so, the easier I can make friends the better.

We are so torn on what to do and I literally get an upset stomach every time I think about this huge decision we are facing. We are hoping to recieve some inspiration on what will be best for us as a family and for Greg as a physician starting out.

**Anyone have any pointers on what we should look for and base our decision on?**


Bridget said...

I wish I could help you more since we just went through this as well, but I guess since we knew where we wanted to go, it doesn't really compare. I would just go with your gut feeling. See as many different places as you can amd do whats right for you, Greg, and the girls, not for anyone else. Remember, everything is only a plane ride away. It has been really hard on Jim's mom having us so far away now, but we got a credit card that gives us miles on United which we then use to fly her back every so often. I know its not the best solution but it's one way to make it easier on her.Have Greg call Jim if he has any questions about contracts, etc. Good luck!! If you want to look at Kearney ( :) ) let us know. The town has a good sized LDS church and 2 people in Jim's group are LDS as well. We can't escape you people! :)

Jenny said...

Us Mormons knock down everyones doors B! j.k. I don't have a solution either and wish I could tell you the best place to choose. I can only imagine how hard it would be and will be. There are so many pros and cons and like you said yesterday too bad you couldn't have 3-4 picks and then put them in a match.

Whereever it is the people there will get a special treat to have the Gordon family there. I wish I could come with you. And hope that we continue to stay as close as we are.

Gosh, its hard to believe you are almost down to the 12 month countdown. I get tears in my eyes just thinking about it!

Art said...

Not much help from our end other than to say that the small town of Vidor (10,000)has three wards and if you build in the compound they have the LaPray pool which everyone is always @.The city pool has swim team which alot of members are involved in. GOOD LUCK

Nana said...

I know you will make the right decision for your family. I am really not worried, I know you are praying about it. We would love to have you stay in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. It is just such a nice place for all of us to visit you and do things. We have accepted the fact that may not be the case however. I am sure you will all do just great no matter where it is.