Sunday, June 11, 2006

the man!!

I have to brag about my husband tonight. He is absolutely the strongest, most hard working, sensitive, understanding, patient, caring, kindhearted, loving man I know. He goes nonstop for me and our girls. This week he took on two difficult projects at home and still worked a full week as a resident.

The first job was to finish our side yard fence that we half replaced last fall. He worked on it for about four hours in 98 degree heat. He never complained, (only I did that) when I came home to find him bright red without sunscreen or a hat. I think he got the impression that I wasn't grateful for his efforts in doing the fence. I told him thanks but I don't know if he knows how much it meant for his hard work and diligence. Not to mention how happy I felt to finally have the task completed.

The second job was of course my last few posts. He took on the task of laying the laminate flooring when he knew he had about 24 hours to do it. He and Doug worked together on it for a couple of hours, then he continued working alone. I am not much help when it comes to tools and carpentry. I have never used saws and would probably mess up things and might even cut myself. So he pretty much was left to do things by himself. I did paint trim and tried to contain the girls so they wouldn't get in his way, but everything else Greg did. It is almost done. We only have a few trim boards to lay and then touch up painting on the baseboards. I am so glad to finally be free of my dirty carpet and I absolutely love my new floors.

Thanks babe for your hardwork at home and at the hospital so that we can have the things we have and so we can do all we do. You are amazing and I feel I don't tell you that enough. You are the rock of our family, a wonderful daddy, my best friend and husband. You are my EVERYTHING! I wouldn't be much without you. I love you HUGE!


jess said...

wow . . what a difference.
hummm . . . . almost makes me want art to get down on his hands and knees for me . . .LOL
i hope ya'll enjoy it.
jess :-P

Jenny said...

Wow! It even looks better with the furniture put back in it. Kuddos to Grego for such hard work. I am not too sure Doug would take on that many tasks at one time without complaining. Wait a minute..I know he wouldn't. I love the new floors they look fabuloso!

Mimi said...

The floors look beautiful. I know you will enjoy them. But at the same time I know it was a lot of hard work for all of you. Congratulations on the new look.

Nana said...

It looks beautiful! I know you ALL worked hard getting them done and it certainly looks like a great addition to your home. You may not have sawed anything but the two of you are always a team. I have always been proud of the way Greg sets his mind on something and gets it done. He has always been and continues to be a very special son. The sweet family the two of you have is a blessing to us.