Thursday, June 15, 2006

thursday treats

I had a great Thursday full of treats for me! I went for my daily 3 1/2 mile walk with Jenny and Allison. Then I took Mackenzi and Maci, and Taylor, Jared, and Luke to meet one of our babysitters at Fiesta Texas. Her and her fiance wanted to take the kids for about three hours to the water park. Laura has always loved kids and is actually really good with them. She has always talked about having six kiddos of her own, so I guess she wanted to see how it would be. She would have had six, of Jenny and I's seven but I was a bit nervous to send Maryn on the adventure. It was so nice of Laura and Brandon to give us a break from the kids.
After I dropped them off I headed to get my hair cut and highlighted. I enjoyed the break away and the way it feels to get your hair done but was exhausted after sitting there 2 1/2 hours. I then ran home and picked up Allison and we went to get a pedicure. Greg was home working on the fence with all five girls outside with him. I love to treat myself to pedicures especially for a special occasion. Allison however had never had one before today. She couldn't stop talking about how smooth her feet were. I bet she will be getting more of them in the future.
Greg had a special lecture from the visiting ortho surgeon for graduation. We planned on going to dinner but I decided I needed to finish up a few last minute NECESSARY errands before tomorrow. I needed to get shoes for one of the three outfits that I'm still debating on for graduation. I was put in charge of getting a gift for the Orthopedic Residency coordinator and waited until the last minute to do this. So I ran around doing this for over an hour and continued to look for more outfit options. I can never decide what to wear and here it is one of the biggest events of our life and I can't find something I just love! What's a girl to do?
Greg and Allison took all of the girls to Cici's for a quick dinner and then had them all in bed when I came home. That is a BIG treat in it's self.

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Jenny said...

Glad you had so many treats in one day and that Greg is back!! Hope you had some good luck finding shoes and a gift for Terri!