Friday, June 16, 2006


Angie & Jenny
Greg and his chair and gifts from Teri and Dr. & Mrs. Williams.
Angie & Greg
The residents and Dr. Corley.
Our family
Papa,Nana, Maci, Mackenzi, Maryn, Daddy, & Mommy.
Greg & Angie, Matt & Sally, Brandon &Stefanie, Hank & Kelly, Russell & Stephanie
Greg, Matt, Brandon, Hank, & Russell
The grads, wives,and Dr. Corley,their favorite staff guy.

Greg and his Mom and Dad.

Today was a happy day for us. What a great day to know we are almost done with this long journey. We still have one more year for Greg to do some sports stuff here in San Antonio, but it feels good to have made it to this point. We had a good night at graduation. It was at The Westin La Cantera Resort. We shared stories, struggles, memories of family additions, with our friends from the past five years who will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

I am so grateful for Greg and all his sacrifices for our family. It has been a long hard road of which most don't realize and understand all it takes for someone to get to this point. Long hours at work and away from family are not all that they deal with. Extremely stressful situations, attending lectures and conferences some that are away from home for a week or weekend. Lots of screaming and yelling form some of the staff, and being "pimped" (being asked questions on the spot either in surgery or in lecture). Thanks babe for all your hard work. I am so proud of you and your accomplishments. You are an incredible person, daddy, husband, friend, son, brother, grandson, and doctor. I'm so blessed to share in your life and accomplishments. I love you HUGE!


Jenny said...

We are so excited for Greg and you of course! I absolutely loved your green dress, you looked so pretty. II'm glad we were finally able to get some great photos at an ortho event.

Congratulations--we can't wait till its our turn!!

Art said...

Congrats. Greg

Bridget said...

Congrats to you all! What a beautiful family! The picture of you and Jenny is so nice. Graduation is sure bittersweet.

Nana said...

Thank you for all you have done to make this evening possible. I have dreamed of this since you were about four years old. You were working on us with your Fisher Price Doctor's Kit and announced that you were going to be a doctor that fixed people's bones. I have known for many years that you have prepared yourself with every decision you have made. We are so very proud to be your Mom and Dad. We love you and your sweet family.