Saturday, June 17, 2006

our lil' dancer

Maci and her roses that weigh as much as she does!

Maci & Miss Cindy

Today was a fun day for us. Maci had her very first dance recital and we found out she is quite the performer. She did a great job and was darling in her constumes. She did two dance numbers. The tap routine was done to "Pink Elephants on Parade" and the ballet was to "Good Morning". She loved being able to put "mommy makeup" on and get all dolled up to go on stage.

We love you Maci and are so proud of how much you have learned this ear in dance.


Art said...

Maci sorry we missed your dance program. I am sure you did a great job.

Nana said...

You recital was a wonderful way to spend the afternoon. Maci, you danced so well and looked absolutely beautiful. A lot of girls pay a lot of money to have hair that looks like spun gold and your's is natural. Lucky little girl. We are so proud of you. Can't wait to see you this weekend. Thank you for the GREAT recital. We love you so much.