Saturday, June 17, 2006

graduation gifts

We got Greg a few little things for graduation. There are a couple of other things I'm still working on finishing but, I seemed to run out of time. This graduation thing just snuck up on me and I didn't quite get his gifts finished. I only had nine years to get it done but ran out of time! ha ha ha!! I took Mackenzi, Maci, and Maryn to build a bear and they made a "Dr. Daddy" bear dressed in green scrubs and even put a message into one of his paws. The bear says "Congratulations Daddy! You did it! We love you!" He was surprised and said he can't wait to put it on a shelf, in his office, to remind him of them, and going through med school and residency with them. We also got him the fiesta 2006 poster but didn't get it framed. We have always talked about having a guest room with a Texas theme and he also wants his office to be Texas themed in our next house. I thought this poster was cool and we could find a place for it when we move.
Greg's parents had a paper weight that he had made for them in the third grade put on a plaque with the scripture small and simple things are great things brought to pass... . That was a special gift he had given them many years ago and they wanted to have something done with it for him.
I also got Greg's mom to call our cake lady back home to get her to make a special graduation cake for him. She is amazing and we only gave her about twenty-four hours to make it. I just emailed a picture, I had found on the internet and told her she didn't have to have as much detail as the picture, just to have a doctor in scrubs and Dr Greg Gordon Ortho Surgeon on it. Well as you can see it has a ton of detail. It looks exactly like the picture I sent her, with the "him", the anethesiologist, scrub tech, and patient in the OR. Thanks Patty! We love our "patty cake".


Art said...

The cake looks GREAT as always. Another great Patty Cake.All of those Texas gifts will look great in an office.

Nana said...

Congratulations again to Greg, Angie and girls. I always knew it would happen. You all have worked hard and supported each other and finally you see that light at the end of the tunnel. Patty really did do her usual beautiful job on the cake. I'm glad to have her talents available. Give each other another big hug. You are all wonderful. Love you all. Miss you much.

Jenny said...

The cake turned out adorable! Hope it was as good as it looked. Love the poster, which reminds me I need to go get one!