Saturday, June 24, 2006

movie reviews

Thumbs up for "Cars". We all went to see Cars today, along with the Clouses and Allison and her girls. All of the kids, as well as the adults, thought the was a great show and a must see. I have to say I wasn't completely focused on the movie the entire time, between keeping a two year old quiet I was kind of preoccupied with Maryn. Also, I have a habit of during animation movies sitting there trying to figure out all of the voices for the characters. I couldn't figure them all out but I'm sure we will buy Cars and then I can know who all of the characters are.

*click on the link below to view the trailer for cars*
Six thumbs up! Allison, Greg, and I watched this movie last night and all gave it a thumbs up. I always enjoy chic flics and really like one's with Diane Keaton in them. She just makes me laugh with some of her facial expressions and her role in this was great. It fit her to a "T". One of my other favorites that she was in was "Something's Gotta Give". She was hilarious and Greg liked this movie so much that we named our third daughter, after the daughter in the movie, Maryn. I recommend this movie a must rent. I thought it was really cute.

*click on the link beow to watch the trailer to the family stone*


Jenny said...

I loved it too! I thought it was very entertaining, but I LOVE Diane Keaton. Thanks for letting us borrow it!!

Art said...

I liked Cars too and so did Jessica & the kids but I bet we got a better deal all four of us with lg. popcorn $9.50 cant beat FHE @ the pines.