Sunday, June 04, 2006

end of school gifts

School is officially out for the summer. Is this a good thing, or not? I have yet to decide. I love having the girls around and being able to take them to do fun things when they are out of school but have to admit it gets exhausting. We usually conquer Six Flags two to three times a week, on top of swim team practice every morning, and meets on Mondays.

These are the flip flops I made for Mrs. Salazar and Ms. Blakely. Maci and Mackenzi both have these that they wear on Fridays for Spirit Day. Their Thornton Texans school shirts are red, white, and blue so they look really cute. All of the Administration wear red school shirts too and have made comments about the girls' shoes so I decided they both needed a pair. They loved them and wore them on the last day of school on Friday. I found these cute teacher mugs in Boerne(small antique shop town) and filled them with their favorite candy. They seemed to like it. We had a great year overall but am a little sad when I say I now have a 4th grader and a Kindergartner.


jess said...

your gifts turned out good.
i'm sure glad school is out but i'm not real sure what i'll have the kiddos doing this summer.
lots of water hose time and bowling.


Jill said...

Does the ribbon bother your feet at all when wearing those? It's a cute idea, but I'm curious about that.

Jenny said...

Yours turned out much cuter than mine. You have a definite nitch for those!!

Nana said...

These are so cute. I want to make a pair for Tori and Ashley. We will have to go back and buy a couple more pairs of flip-flops when I am in SA. Maybe you can give me some instruction. You always make such cute things. Good job Angie.

Kristi Brooke said...

your shoes turned out cute! Have you ever seen them done with balloons?

Do you mind emailing me? I wanted to email you but didn't see your address.