Monday, June 05, 2006

olympics bound????

Okay it's brag time! Mackenzi and Maci had their first real swim meet last night and had a great night. Maryn, on the other hand did not. Half way through the meet she wasn't acting herself and was just laying on me. I realized she had been caught by the fever bug that has been going around.

On to the meet. Mackenzi got first place in both the backstroke and freestyle in her age group and then her relay team, which Taylor was a part of, got second. She loves swimming and seems to do really well. I hope wherever we move next year will have some sort of swim league so she can continue swimming. I may be bias but I think she could go far in the swimming thingy.

Maci placed fourth in her age group for freestyle. She was a little upset when she was given the yellow ribbon since she finished first in her heat. She didn't realize that everyone that swam was competing against her. However, she did improve her time by almost 4 seconds from the mock meet. She is doing better and better every day.

Congratulations girls. We are so proud of you. Keep swimming your best.


Nana said...

Not surprised at the ribbons girls. I have to remember you come from a couple parents that are really good swimmers. I was there when Mommie (our camp lifeguard) even saved someone from drowning at girl's camp one year. You are bound for success. I am so proud of you. It seems you both go out and do your best each and everytime no matter what you are involved in. You are great girls. I sure would like to see a swim meet. Love you both so much. Keep swimming. Can't wait to see you.

Jenny said...

I am telling you, you need to check out that USA swimming thing for MacKenzi. I think she would be awesome in it!