Friday, June 02, 2006


sim·pli·fy (smpl-f)
tr.v. sim·pli·fied, sim·pli·fy·ing, sim·pli·fies
To make simple or simpler, as:
a. To reduce in complexity or extent.
b. To reduce to fundamental parts.
c. To make easier to understand.

I bought this sign a couple of months ago and finally hung it in my kitchen, over the laundry room door. I have been wanting to find ways to simplify things in our home, family, and myself. I thought this was a good way to remind myself to try and not sweat the small stuff. I find that really hard to do. It seems I make little chores, errands, dinner... way to complicated.
I have definately just begun this journey of simplifying all things around me but, hopefully I am on my way to a less stressful and more relaxed way of doing, living, and loving.


Jenny said...

Hey you are much better at this than me. I love that sign and almost bought it but didn't want to copy you in another thing. Hope Maci feels better soon!

Bridget said...

Oh no, is Macy sick now too? Hopefully it won't last too long. It only seemed to be a 24 hr. thing at our house.

Angie said...

Yep! Maci is sick but seems to be just running a fever. No throwup or poops every wear,yet. Hopefully she'll be better in the morning.

Jenny, Did you see another one of these signs or did you want to buy it the day we were at Hobby Lobby? You should have gotten it. You could just hang it somewhere different or whatever.
I think it is crazy how much we like the same things and think the same things.

Jill said...

I love these signs that say things and have to stop myself from buying all the ones that I like. I have one that says "Scatter Joy" which I love, but they keep making new ones and selling them at our craft store.

Jenny said...

We should just make our own since you can just get a piece of wood and order some of those stickers from Utah!!

Hope little Maryn feels better now. I am hoping Mackenzi is spared!