Friday, May 05, 2006

South Beach Diet Results


WOW!! Greg decided the second week of January that he wanted to lose weight. He had had success on the Adkins Diet before but wanted to do something that would be more healthy and something that would lower his blood pressure,cholesterol. We bought the South Beach Diet book and he dove head first into his new eating lifestyle. He dropped his first 10 pounds quick and was so excited. After only being on the diet for 2 months or so he had lost about 30 pounds. I have to say I can't believe he had the will power to do it. He was so dedicated to being healthier that we would go out on dates to mexican restaraunts and he wouldn't even touch the chips. That is very difficult if I say so myself.
I think Greg looks great. I have never seen him so thin. He even weighs less than he did when we got married 10 years ago. He has really gotten into working out, running, lifting weights, etc.
We had to go out and buy him quite a few new clothes. He has gone down about 2 or 3 jean sizes and I started buying him more fitted shirts to show off his new physique! He keeps saying everyone he sees probably says "Look at the guy trying to look like a kid again."
Way to go Greg!


Jenny said...

I still look at that shirt and think it is missing the "I" one of those things that messes up the eyes. He looks great and wow! What a big difference. Amazing how older pics look now huh?

becki said...

Way to go Greg! I can't even believe it! I showed Robert and his mouth dropped open because we just saw him in January! He looks great!

P.S. If Greg is worried about people thinking he is trying to look like a kid, maybe he should hold off on the Hollister shirts! ha ha ha

Mimi said...

Anyone that can lose that much weight and look that good should be very proud.

lizzie said...

way to go bub can I borrow your south beach book and let it work for me.


p.s. you look awesome bro. love you