Friday, May 05, 2006


I thought I would show our Spurs spirit and cheer them on tonight in game 6 against the Kings. These pictures are from earlier in the season when we went to Thornton Elementary's Family Night with the Spurs. We have really turned into die hard fans since moving here 5 years ago. Greg and I have actually gone to several games and love every minute. There is something about watching the National Champs play. I have always enjoyed watching basketball (since I played in high school) but, there is just something about being there watching it in person. It is always nerve racking for me to watch especially if it is an important game or a close one. It reminds me of being on the court myself and getting butterflies when while playing.


Jenny said...

Cute pictures that I never saw! Maci fits right in with those cheerleaders. I don't think she will be playing basketball. I think she will be the one cheering on the sidelines!!

becki said...

How cute! Mackenzi looks adorable in her Spurs shirt! I can't imagine how nervous you get! We went to the Dallas Stars Stanley Cup Playoff games and I felt like I needed to put some gear on and help them out...and I've never played Hockey! ha ha ha How fun it is to live in a big city!
miss you-b

Mimi said...

You know me and sports! GO SPURS GO (somewhere!)