Friday, May 05, 2006

A Night In Ol' Stormy San Antonio

The quality of these pictures are terrilbe but wanted to post them anyway. Last night a really bad storm blew in with high winds (60 mph+)with thunder and lightening about 11pm. Lately the storms die out before they ever get to our house but of course on the night I was home alone with the girls it never slacked up. It rained more in about an hour than it has rained in a long time. I kept debating on getting all of the girls in bed with me (Maci had already been scared by the thunder and had made her way into bed with me). About 11:40 it started to hail. I jumped out of bed to see how big the hail was but couldn't see because of the rain going sideways. I wanted to call someone but was afraid everyone around was sleeping right through the excitement. Then at 11:44 the phone rang. I knew it probably was Jenny checking on me and it was. Her and Doug were awake watching and listening to it all. I opened the front door to see if we were having much damage but luckily all that I could see was our trash cans dumped over in the street. Then Doug says, in the background, take a picture and BLOG it! So I did. I didn't go far. With the high winds I got pretty wet just standing by the front door and all I could do in the back was just open the door and take a quick picture.
This morning there were lots of signs that the storm didn't let up when it passed over us. There were tons of trash cans and garbage and debris all over the neighborhood and signs of how far the water had been up. There didn't seem to be any hail damage on Greg's car but who knows what the roof looks like. I guess we wll wait and see next year when we get it inspected when we are ready to sale.
You could never tell that we had a stormy night by walking outside now. It has turned out to be a beautiful day it is sunny and in the high 80's. The kidsare home from school early today(early release day not sure why) and are out playing in the sprinkler right now.


Jenny said...

Too bad the camera didn't due justice for what it sounded like and looked like!! Those came out better than I thought.

Mimi said...

Now this I can speak to from experience. Darrell, me and Austin were coming back from seeing the Lion King in downtown San Antonio and were caught on the road in the worst part of that storm. We could not see to drive and ended up parked at an Exxon station on highway 471 for over an hour (from about 11:30 p.m. to about 12:30 a.m.). It was one of the worst storms I have ever got caught in. Fortunately, Austin slept through it, but Darrell and I just sat there with sheets of rain and awful lightning all around us. Austin's mom and grandma were calling every few minutes to see if we were all right. (of couse Darrell and I realized that if Austin had not been with us we probably would not have generated that much interest). But it was a really terrible storm