Thursday, May 04, 2006

Life As Resident Wives........CRAZY!!

Crazy, Insane, Loud, Wild, Busy, Hectic, Never Ending, Lonely........

I could go on and on and on about ways to describe all the times Jenny and I (along with most resident wives) spend alone (without our hubbies).

Tonight we took on the challenge of taking all 7 of our kiddos to dinner at Culver's. Both Greg and Doug weren't going to be home so we decided to WASTE time this evening by venturing out! For the most part the kids are good but seem to have a hard time using an inside voice when they are together in a restaraunt (fast food joint). It is always amusing to watch the looks we get when we are together will all the kids. I can just inagine what people are thinking.....why are they out in public?, Are all of those kids theirs?, Do those girls know when to stop having kids? I know it gets on peoples nerves (I see it on their faces) when we are out and about BUT we have to live too. We would probably be more crazy if we never got to venture out. So everyone we drive nuts, with all our precious noise makers, will have to just deal with it.

This long journey we are on would even be longer if we weren't friends and if our kids weren't friends. It is great to have someone that understands what your going through and to share your complaints and whines with.


Jenny said...

That is too funny! I love that our kids take up the whole booth in the restaurant.

Bridget Mahalek said...

Too funny!

Angie said...

Wish you were here to ENJOY the CHAOS with us! Miss you all Bridget.

becki said...

ha ha ha Ok, first of all, you & Jenny are very brave! From now on I will be a little more understanding of the Zoo in the corner of the restaurant. love-b

Kristi Brooke said...

great to hear you post about residency positives.
my husband is just finishing his 6th year. it has been a long road with lots of ups and downs.
Thanks for commenting on my blog. don't you love having three girls. i wouldn't want it anyother way.

the ryan shupe band is from UTAh. their CD is so great i highly reccomend it. our good friend produced the cd.

so are you guys finishing your residency this summer?
we had a good chance of going to San Antonio but ended up in D.C. sure wish we were buying a house in SA instead.
i look forward to reading your blog.

Mimi said...

Its good to have friends who understand you and your particular situation. Residency doewn't last forever...then the real fun begins!
When my kids were young, (six of them) we, from one family, usually took up a large table or booth. And there was only one mother, me! You girls can handle it! I have to say though, they were all pretty well behaved since their dad was a restaurant manager and they were use to eating in his place(s). Come to think of it, they were better behaved when they were young then after they grew up and became grandpa's and grandma's. Go figure!!! Gives you something to look forward to. GO SPURS GO!